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Why do you need a bar card you maybe thinking?

You stroll into town, walk into the first bar and with a cheerful nod at the overworked barman you are necking your first beer, before you have a chance to say "When's happy hour then?"

And that is the beauty of the card.

Happy hour is all day every day.

You see you may have heard lots of wonderful things about the island of Key West.

The nightlife. The Bars. The Sunsets. The Beaches.......all brilliant and will have you coming back time and time again.

But rarely do people tell you about the price of things down here at the southernmost point of America.

They wouldn't want to put you off really would they.

Without a doubt it is the most expensive part of the Florida Keys.

And for most places whether hotels, bars or restaurants the prices are more inline with New York, San Francisco and Washington.

Yep, the big towns of America have prices that will seem strangely familiar to the residents of Key West.

So how do you keep the cost down, and make things more like the bar round the corner in your own town.

Well that my friends is where the Key West Bar card comes into play.

And comes into play "Big-time" it will. Time after time.

So lets give you the lowdown of the Key West bar card, so you can decide whether its something that you could do with.

What Are The Benefits To Purchasing A Bar Card?

Well for a start it will save you money which is after all what we all want.

Save a little cash here and there, and you will soon have enough to take your loved one out on a hot date, and who knows where things will end up!

And that tantalizing glimpse of the future (I've left that cryptic in case kids are reading this, but you adults know what I mean...wink,wink) can make buying the card a no brainer.

When you consider in a typical Key West bar buying a couple of Key West Sunset Ales will set you back around $13.00, it doesn't take much to realise that having a 2 for 1 deal available will have you, after just a couple more drinks making a profit.

Yep, your card very quickly becomes a very useful freebie, and most people state that after an afternoons drinking (they start early in the southernmost point) they could not imagine not having the Key West Bar Card.

Key West Bar Card
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Come On Then What Bars Can We Use The Bar Card In?

At the moment there are fifteen different Key West pubs and bars that you can use the card in which is of course great.

What makes it even better is even though you would expect that the card would be focused on the tourist trap that is Duval Street, the truth is very different.

The range of pubs cover the whole of Key West, so wherever you go on your travels you won't be too far from a bar that will accept the discounts that you are looking for.

Below are links to all the Key West bars that are on the scheme, so click on the images and then check out the drinks menu for each.

One you have chosen the drink of choice, and split the bill in half, you will see that the card does exactly what it says it will.

Make Every Hour Happy Hour!

Schooner Wharf Bar Card
JDL Big Ten Bar Card
801 Bourbon Bar Card
Bottle Cap Bar Card
Aqua Key West Bar Card
The Stonedcrab Bar Card
Pearls Patio Bar Card
Roof Top Cafe Bar Card
Blue Mojito Bar Card
2 Cents Bar Card
Bagatelle Bar Card
Sunset Pier Bar Card
Little Room Jazz Club Bar Card
Barrelhead Bar Card
Conch Town Bar Card

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using The Bar Card?

Not really a drawback  but it would be wrong for us to lead you into the impression that you can plonk yourself on a bar stall and get drunk for half price all day.

The card is accepted for the first rounds only once per day, per bar.

For the card holder only.

The buy one, get one is for one drink for equal or lesser value.

So for example, you walk into a bar and order two beers or two of the same cocktails, and you will get them 2-4-1.

However if you want a beer and cocktail, you will be charged for the more expensive drinks and receive the lesser value drink for free. 

As I said not really a drawback and still a great deal!

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