Florida Keys Weather And Seasonal Trends

Florida Keys Weather

Florida Keys Weather is almost perfect.

That's a fact.

Wherever you are sitting at this moment, it's highly unlikely that the weather is better than the weather of Florida.

Because of the way the islands slink their way between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, the sea breezes and the scarcity of cities allow the temperature to remain.....almost perfect.

The Florida Keys are actually the closest place you will get to the Equator whilst still being in America, which means.....come on you should have guessed by now !

The all year round temperatures vary little more than 14°, so in the midst of winter it's shorts time....whoohoo!!

Back in 1880, Key West did actually get up to sweltering 97° F (36° C), however most of the time it stays at an average high of 89° F (32°C).

And you can check this for yourself.

Simply click on this link to discover the daily temperature for weather in the Florida Keys

Florida Keys Weather Leads To Days At The Beach

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 Water Spouts | Rainfall | Hurricanes

Many of the inhabitants of the mainland will use the Florida Keys as the place to come for weekend breaks, especially in the Winter months.

You see, the Florida Keys Weather will normally drop just a few degrees in temperature all year round. It really is consistent.

And that can make all the difference if your are planing somewhere to go that guarantees sun.

Key West has a little claim of fame, as being the only place in America that has never had frost, or fallen below freezing.

Now that's nice to know when you are trying to shut that suitcase, with the extra "Just In Case" jumper poking out from all sides.

Now I know what you are thinking....

Don't tell us anymore we are on our way, but actually it gets better as its not just the landlubbers that are given the gift of perfect Florida Keys Weather.

Anyone who fancies getting into or on the sea will find it different from most places that they travel from, as the water temperature stays at somewhere in the 80's all year round too.

So what better excuse is there to get into your skin-tight speedo's, throw everyone into your car and head off to the Keys?

Florida Keys Weather

Florida Keys Weather By Season

Let's just give you a quick summary of what to expect, dependant on what time of year you decide to visit.

Florida Keys Weather


Winter really starts around the end of November though to March, if you can call it Winter.

It does feel a bit cooler, but that is what you would expect after all.

Daily temperatures are about 70 F, whilst the nights fall to about the mid 60's

You will see some locals walking around in big warm coats, but for anyone else coming from somewhere other the centre of the sun, you will wonder why they are all wrapped up.

Most visitors consider the Florida Keys Weather in Winter to be the perfect antidote to their own conditions back home.

One word of warning, Winter does get a bit windy, so if you're planning to do something like snorkelling you may struggle.

However everything else is business as usual, as Winter months are officially the tourist season down in the Keys

Florida Keys Weather


If you asked me what would be the season that gave you the best Florida Keys Weather, then without a doubt I would say "Spring."

The temperature starts to build up a bit now and averages around 80 F during the day, and best of all the winds that blow us around in Winter start to die down too.

Although we never reach the stifling heat of the mainland of Florida we do still get much hotter and humid in Summer, which is the last reason why I would say visit the Keys in Spring.

The humidity is pretty much non-existent.

It's just very, very nice.

Florida Keys Weather


As we mentioned earlier, Summer is hot but not as humid as other parts of Southern Florida.

Due to the threat of hurricanes, you will find that the end of the Summer gets very quiet down in the Keys, so from June right through to about the end of September, many folks keep away.

Really if truth be known the real big winds have generally hit during the month of August, which is why the wig wearers of the world stay in doors for awhile.

Then right at the end of summer, when winter is creeping upon us October hits, and we get Fantasy Fest in Key West, and the place goes a little mad as the crowds start descending on the island again.

This takes us right on through to the festive season.

You might have noticed we haven't mentioned "Fall"

It doesn't really happen, down here, it just goes straight from Summer To Winter.

Job done!

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