Key West Weather
Perfect All Year Round

Key West Weather

Key West weather is almost as good as it can get.

Infact it is beautiful all year round.

Which makes it an extremely appealing place for the citizens of America, who are looking for a weekend away (or a longer break from the cloudy skies that surround them.)

And really if you asked where I should go for a bit of winter sun then “Key West weather” would be the thing that I Google first.

Actually I wouldn’t bother I would just get in the car and drive down as fast as I can.

Making sure I have my shorts and sunscreen packed first.

So let’s start by looking at Florida Weather generally.

The mainland can get unbelievably humid and oppressive, as due to its location the weather in Florida can get dramatic on almost a daily basis.

The climate of Florida is sub-tropical which means cold weather is extremely rare.

During July, the top daytime temperature is around 91°F (33°C); and during January, the chilliest month during the winter, the average lowest night-time temperature is around 48°F (9°C).

However, it's not as bad as it sounds, because January which as we said is the coldest month, still gets to an average daytime high of around 70°F (21°C) – Florida is not known as the sunshine state for no reason at all!

Although the problem with the weather in Florida is during the summer months the days are very hot indeed, which means that more often or not the clouds build up and tremendous thunderstorms occur during the afternoon or early evening.

This brings about a drop in temperature of 10 - 20 degrees for the remainder of the day, which can really leave you shivering after the heat leading up to the storm.

Not like the Key West Weather that you will come to rely on.

Key West Weather is totally different.

The Florida Keys being islands are offered the luxury and the comfort of the sea breezes

The islands slink their way between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, which means the sea breezes add to the scarcity of cities, pollution and traffic allow the temperature to remain.....almost perfect.

Yeah we do get the thunderstorms but not half as many as Florida itself.

It's alright us going on about the perfect weather, but you maybe unsure where the Florida Keys actually are, and are just surfing for where the best weather is?

If you think America and then Florida, just keep on going south until you hit water and drive into the sea you have come to the Keys and of course Key West is where you get the perfect weather.

They are actually the closest place you will get to the Equator whilst still being in America, which means.....come on you, should have guessed by now!

The all year round temperatures vary little more than 14°, so in the midst of winter its shorts time....whoohoo!!

Back in 1880, Key West did actually get up to sweltering 97° F (36° C), however most of the time it stays at an average high of 89° F (32°C).

Florida Keys Weather does actually get classified as having four seasons, but after living here for many years I don’t know anyone who really mentions the Fall like you would in the more northerly states of America such as New Hampshire, when the changing colour of the leaves is truly spectacular

In the Florida Keys it doesn't really occur.

What you do get though is the Hurricane season, which goes from the end of the Summer to the beginning of what you would say as Fall.

The potentially deadly weather systems move westerly from the African coast during June 1 to November 30, the official dates of Hurricane season, and turn north near the Lesser Antilles.

In all honesty it’s more likely to happen between August and September, but whatever the chances it’s devastating whenever it does occur.

Key West Weather

Key West Weather Facts

The hottest month on average is August.

100°F registered on the thermometers in 1886 which is still as hot as it has ever got.

January is the coldest of all the months.

The lowest temperature ever recorded was 41°F in 1981.

The highest average amount of precipitation will occur in September.

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