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One thing for sure is Hurricanes in Florida do happen.

As the climate of Florida is described as tropical, then this deadly phenomenon is part of our natural ingredients.

You could say it just part of what makes the area unforgettable?

The potentially deadly weather systems move westerly from the African coast during June 1 to November 30, the official dates of Hurricane season, and turn north near the Lesser Antilles.

In all honesty it’s more likely to happen between August and September, but whatever the chances it’s devastating whenever it does occur.

The History of the Keys have documented Hurricanes in Florida for centuries.

It has been recorded that back in 1622 at least five ships were wrecked when they got caught in the middle one.

This was just west of Dry Tortugas.

Probably the most famous of these poor victims is the Atocha.

This ship was discovered and then salvaged in 1985, and now is a popular attraction at the Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society and Museum.

Later in 1733, 17 ships out of 21 in a Spanish Armada, that were passing our shores were blown off course by another one the famous Hurricanes in Florida, and threw their cargo of gold and other treasures all over the coral reef.

Key West has been destroyed and rebuilt after suffering a devastating series of hurricanes in 1835, 1846, and then four major hurricanes within ten years in 1909, 1910 and 1914 and then the last one in 1919.

But getting a little bit more current, three really nasty hurricanes have blown our way and smashed into the Florida Keys in recent years.

First Hurricane George paid us a visit in 1998.

George was a Category Two Hurricane that blew at strengths measured up to 105 mph.

The next year Hurricane Irene brought to the Keys 20 inches of rain and winds of 75mph.

Although Irene was less powerful, the Keys were still recovering from George the year before, so the damage was considerable.

The strongest of all the recent Hurricanes was an uninvited visitor by the name of Wilma.

Wilma swept into town on October 24, 2005.

This was a category five Hurricane and blew winds at over 125mph.

The main thing is not let these incidents put you off visiting between these months.

Yes, they do happen, but in the great scheme of things are still quite rare.

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