Gilberts Resort And Tiki Bar
Key Largo

Gilberts Resort

Gilberts Resort Waterfront Tiki Bar and Restaurant is not to be missed.

The owners pride themselves on their Old World Menu and old Keys charm.

Although it puts the word "Resort" into its title, the word should be used loosely at best

As one of the of the oldest places in the Florida Keys, starting out in 1903 as a fishing camp, Gilbert’s Resort has kept it’s laid back charm.

Here you will feel the spirit of a simpler life while being far away from the ordinary.

Starting at lunchtime, Head Chef Georg Schu from Germany makes sure there are plenty of daily specials to tempt your tastebuds –authentic German schnitzel dinners on Monday, all you can eat shrimp on Wednesday, and a German buffet tempts you with all the sauerbraten, goulash soup, and Bit burger beer you can hold on Thursday.

Of course Gilberts also has seafood and steak, but if you are missing hearty ethnic classics look no farther.

Gilberts Resort

They also offer a raw bar throughout the week and a huge breakfast buffer every Saturday and Sunday

So why not visit Giberts Resort and we are sure you will bump into some interesting locals, travellers from all corners of the globe and just occasionally a group of “Pirates” getting down, like only pirates know how to!

Please note though, that this is not the type of joint that you visit to gorge down on the finest food available (caviar or medium rare quail), this is the type of place where you'll have a fantastic time hanging out at, on a lazy Saturday or Sunday, listening to some music, drinking, and munching on fried foods!

The wardrobe is of course casual... shorts, tanks, flip-flops, etc.

Just what you want at a Florida Keys Restaurant.

Gilberts Resort

Contact Information

Address: MM 107.9 Bayside, Key Largo

Phone:(305) 451-1133

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