The Quick Guide For All Incoming And Outgoing Key West Flights

Key West Flights

One thing for sure is if you are looking for some easy Key West Flights a bit of planning is required.

Although Key West is the Florida destination of choice for thousands of visitors each year, you cannot expect to just grab a flight straight into Key West on one of the main commercial jetliners.

But don't worry about that, as getting to the Florida Keys is as much fun as being here.

Well......perhaps that isn't quite true, but certainly it will be memorable.

Let us break down your options into the cheaper and then the luxury.

We will start with commercial Key West flights entering Key West International Airport.

Commerical Flights

Key West International Airport

3491 South Roosevelt Blvd, Key West

(305) 296-5439

Key West Airport had a huge renovation in 2009, as quite frankly the urgency that people showed to get to Key West made it a must.

And quite frankly who can blame them.

So at a cost of over 31 million dollars it doubled in size and allowed for greater access than every before.

Which of course was good news for the "Conchs" who use the airport to come and go from.

Key West Flights To/From Key West Airport

American Airlines

(800) 433-7300


Cape Air

Cape Air

(305) 293-0603 or (800) 352-0714


Cape Air provides scheduled service between Key West and Fort Myers

Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines

(800) 523-3273



Delta Air Lines



Seacoast Airlines

SeaCoast Airlines

(866) 302-6278


Provides scheduled service between Key West and  St.Petersburg/Clearwater

US Airways

US Airways



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