Where To Hire A Moped Or Scooter In The Florida Keys

Really if you want to see the Keys a moped is about as good as it can get.

Wind in your hair....ok, you will have your hair under your helmet, but certainly you will get wind in your face as you cut between the traffic that Key West is renowned for.

And that is the beauty of the moped.

Its quick, easy and most importantly fun.

So where can you go to get one, that is fully checked over, safe to use and at a good price.

Well, look no further than the list below, which highlights the best that the Florida Keys can offer, in outlets that offer these vehicles for hire.

We have grouped them as area...i.e Island.

Right, ready to act like Steve McQueen and jump on your...scooter!! Ok, not quite the same thing, but you will still feel like Steve McQueen.

Hang on a minute though, maybe you fancy a bit of eco-travel?

Key West has quite a few companies renting out electric cars, which are like driving around in a hard boiled egg.

Perfectly quiet, which takes a bit of getting used to, and slow...which for many of us takes even more getting used to.

They normally have room for two or four passengers, have no doors and really don't go beyond 25 miles per hour.

But when the top speed around the island is 35mph, I don't think you will be missing out on much.

Renting A Moped or Scooter

Many of the companies listed below will rent a vehicle for an hour, day, week, pretty much whatever you want.

You have to be aware though that some of the companies consider a daily rental as 24 hours, whilst others believe the day to be 8 hours.

So definitely have a word before you drive away, so that you don't encounter any late return fees.

Bike Rentals

Bike Marathon Bike Rentals

Phone: (305)743-3204

Address: 3600 Overseas Highway, Marathon, 33050

Adventure Rentals

Adventure Scooter & Bicycle Rentals

Phone: (305)293-9955

Address: 611 Front Street, Key West, Florida

Pirate Scoters Rentals

Pirate Scooter Rentals

Phone: (305) 295-0000

Address:401 Southard Street, Key West, Florida


Cyclease Moped Rentals

Phone:(800)742-2044 or (305)747-9240

Address:Duval Street, Key West, Florida

Moped Rentals

Randall J's Scooter Rentals

Phone:(305) 296-0208

Address:505 Greene Street, Key West, Florida

Sunshine Rentals

Sunshine Rentals

Phone:(305) 294-9990

Address:1910 North Roosevelt Blvd, Key West, Florida

Riva Rentals

Riva Yamaha South


Address: 98750 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, 33037

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