Western Dry Rocks At Key West Is A Perfect Dive Site For All!

Western Dry Rocks dive site, which sits about six miles southwest of Key West Florida Keys, will tick everybody's boxes who love to dive.

You see it won’t matter if you are an expert diver, or someone who is a complete novice and just fancy a bit of snorkelling.

This dive site has something for you all.

Why you may be asking.

What has it go that makes it the diving experience that fits everyone??

Ask, and we will tell you….it’s all about depth and ranges of depth.

The Rocks range from 5 feet to 120 feet, with the average around 30 feet.

Because of the ample light entering the water it is an absolute haven for marine life, with many of the animals you will encounter more often found in the waters of the Bahamas than around the Florida Keys.

So don’t be surprised if you see a Ray flapping its way through the waters effortlessly, or the slightly more aggressive Barracuda.

There has even been lots of sightings of sharks in the area, which is why it is a good idea not to attempt spearfishing whilst you are down there.

A bit of the blood in the water is not the best idea with these things nearby.

As you float your way across the coral reef that makes up the dive area, you will note with closer examination that the coral fingers and coral formations hide deep cracks and caves that make it a perfect place for the fish that prefer the dark, such as the dusky long snout butterfly fish.

All in this is a great dive site, and one that would be on the top of most people lists as they strap their tanks on their backs and slip into the Florida Keys Waters.

Whatever you experience, you will have a great day that is for certain when you decide to travel out to dive at the Rocks.

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