Islamorada Restaurants Range From Fast Food To Dining Fit
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Islamorada Restaurants

If you have already read our other page on Islamorada restaurants you will know that there is a surprising amount of choice for an island only seven miles in length.

But with so much fish swimming around its coastline, it would be a little bit stupid I suppose to not make full use of this natural food supply.

But that is just part of the reason why Islamorada restaurants are in plentiful supply.

With a natural backdrop of amazing sunsets, and fabulous sunrises, outside decks inches way from the waters-edge, and chefs that aim to delight, you have a dining experience of the highest order.

Another great thing about Islamorada restaurants, is the chefs are more than willing to cook anything that you catch that day.

So have a great days angling, and then sit back and have the best chefs in the Florida Keys sprinkle their culinary magic.

Can't ask for better than that now can you!

Make sure you check out our other page on the remaining Islamorada restaurants to get the full insight to what is available on the island to titillate your taste buds. 

Uncle's Restaurant (Closed At Present)

Uncles Islamorada Restaurants

Uncles is one those Islamorada restaurants that has a bit of a history, all tied to the sea. The owner John LePree aka Uncle used to be a fishing guide, and for 30 years he took people out on to the water.

But now thankfully for us he decided to start cooking what he caught.

The restaurant has a good menu ranging from Italian dishes, to seafood (as you would expect in Islamorada) to wild game. 

You can even sit out on the patio bar and enjoy an extensive win selection.

Address: 80939 Overseas Hwy MM 81, Oceanside, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 4402

Lazy Days Restaurant 

Lazy Days Islamorada Restaurants

This is one of those Islamorada restaurants that will have you almost dipping your feet into the water. Well OK, not quite, but you certainly will have an amazing view of the water and also be able to eat from an award winning restaurants food menu. 

Nice and relaxed, as it should be in the Florida Keys, Lazy days does pastas, seafood, chicken, salads, and a kids menu for very reasonable prices. 

Address: 79867 Overseas Highway, Oceanside, Islamorada 

Phone: (305) 664 4651

Limoncello At Cheeca Lodge

Limoncello Islamorada Restaurants

The whole family will love this Italian family friendly dining experience.

Based in the Cheeca Lodge resort in Islamorada, the resort has a selection of Islamorada restaurants to choose from, but with a great kids menu and homemade pasta that the parents will love too, there isn't any reason to look at the other dining rooms here really.  

Also whilst you are here, it is quite interesting to wander over to the Pioneer Cemetery that is in the grounds, to see the resting place of the founding fathers of Islamorada. 

But perhaps the wife will just prefer a nice glass of vino, and a well cooked lasagne, leaving the history trip for another day.

Address: MM 82 Overseas Highway, Islamorada 

Phone: (305) 664 4651

Mangrove Mike's Cafe

Mangrove Mikes Islamorada Restaurants

Islamorada restaurants are sometimes the laid back chit chat, laughter, stories and locals greeting each other warmly, kind of places that you see in films. And certainly from my experience of Mangroves Mike's Cafe this couldn't be more true. 

Especially in the morning for breakfast, when you can expect to see a good hearted queue or two lined up to order. 

It's open from 6:00am until 14:00pm, but don't worry about having to cut short your lay in, as Mike will cook a breakfast right up until closing time.

Address: MM 82.2 Bayside, Overseas Highway, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 8022

MA's Fish Camp

MA's Fish Camp Islamorada Restaurants

Definitely, definitely one of the Islamorada restaurants that the locals will point you in the direction off. It's real keys cooking, and as for the Key Lime Pie....well rearrange these words "Heaven", Died" "Went To". 

You must try the pie! 

The dress is casual, and I suppose so is the cooking. You wouldn't bring a hot date to MA's, but if you fancy any reasonable priced, well cooked, pleasant service type of Islamorada restaurants then you can't do  better.

Address: MM 81.5 Overseas Highway, Oceanside, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 517 9611

Islamorada Shrimp Shack

Islamorada Shrimp Shack

This is one of my favourite Islamorada restaurants for the simple reason that it is family run, by people who care.

The food is served quickly, reasonably priced, and you get plenty of it. Its not a posh restaurant at all, but certainly I feel that it shouldn't be dismissed for more classy diners.

The decor is reasonably plain with a long room housing back to back tables, perfect for creating a pleasant buoyant ambiance.

Address: 81901 Overseas Hwy Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 8433

Hideaway Cafe

I love the strapline that the Hideaway Cafe have of "The only thing we overlook is the ocean", and its just about right.

And if you are looking for a romantic place, with great food, extensive booze selection, and the perfect ocean view then look nowhere else.

Situated at the Rainbow Bend Resort on Grassy Key, don't think you have to be a resident of the resort, as Islamorada restaurants should be for everyone, and fortunately for us the Hideaway cafe is just that. 

Address: MM 58 Overseas Highway, Grassy Key, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 289 1505

Shula Burger At Postcard Inn

Shula Burger Islamorada Restaurants

If you can find a better gourmet burger anywhere in the Florida Keys I will be amazed. They are like a work of art at the Shula Burger.

The restaurant is extremely casual  so you will have no concerns bringing the kids with you, and with a menu that features appetizers, salads, fresh seafood, sandwiches and sea salt fries, even the fussiest eaters will find something to tuck into.

Open seven days per week, 7:00am until 10:00pm

Address: MM84 Oceanside Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 2321

Spanish Gardens Cafe

Spanish Gardens Islamorada

This is more than a restaurant, as the cafe is situated alongside a market and a gallery, so its classy stuff.

It's opening hours vary dependent on season, so it will be worth phoning if you are planning on visiting for lunch, but for the evening its 5:00pm until 9:00pm and only Tuesday until Saturday.

With a menu of tapas, pinchos, and extremely nice salads, I would suggest that this is more a restaurant for the adults, as I know my kids wouldn't touch a thing.

However, I would be in my element. 

Address: 80925 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 3999

Islamorada Tower Of Pizza

Islamorada Restaurants Tower of Pizza

Everyone agrees that the Tower Of Pizza does the best pizza is all Islamorada restaurants. 

And the good things, is that you can sit in, take away or even get it delivered to where you are staying. 

All the pizzas are freshly made on the premises, and now I've heard that they even deliver beer and wine for your perfect night-in.  

So phone anytime from 11:00am until 10:30pm and enjoy the best pizzas  delivered to your doorstep. 

Address: MM 81.5 Bayside, Islamorada 

Phone: (305) 767 7747

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