Guide To Restaurants
In Islamorada

Restaurants In Islamorada

Restaurants in Islamorada are like the majority that you can enjoy throughout the Florida Keys.

They really know how to do a great seafood dish.

And it is little surprise that most chefs that sweat and toil in restaurants in Islamorada and the Keys, really get into cooking the greatest dishes of stuff pulled straight out of the sea, as they know its fresh, and there is so much of it too.

But don't make the mistake that most people do, and simply think that a nice grilled snapper, boiled lobster, or a plate of conch fritters that will be served, as even those restaurants in Islamorada that have a fishy logo, or a nautical theme will also do a nice steak, salad or a simple sandwich.

There is nothing like a bit of diversification to make an eating place popular with locals and tourists alike, and with over 53 restaurants in Islamorada at the last count, you won't be short of places to go and visit.

The list below and on attached pages, are listed in no order of preference, as we know that peoples eating tastes or nothing but subjective.

So instead we have ordered them as per their mile marker locations.

The first will be furthest away from the old southernmost point down in Key West, and the last of course closer to Duval Street, Mallory Square and the bohemian atmosphere that is pure Key West.

Enjoy our guide to restaurants in Islamorada, and don't forget if you find somewhere that's not listed, or you discovered a place that you hated or loved, drops us a line and we will add the information on for you.


Hungry Tarpon Restaurant

Hungry Tarpon

The Hungry Tarpon is one of those restaurants in Islamorada that you will go to more because of where it is, than what it is, if that makes sense.

You see the Hungry Tarpon is to be found at Robbies Marina, which is the famous tourist attraction where you can for $6 feed the silver king aka the tarpon.

It's great for all the family and they will even cook any fish that you catch if you go out for a bit of fishing.

Opens daily at 6:00am until 9:00pm

Address: 77522 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 0535

Hog Heaven Sports Bar & Grill

Hog Heaven Sports Bar

The Hog Heaven Sports Bar is one of the restaurants in Islamorada, that barely closes. In fact if you are anytime before 3:30 am you can still get something to eat.

So pop in and watch any of the 17 flat screen tvs to get your sports fix. Or go out onto the private beach, to get your romance fix.

It caters for all tastes, and has a good range of alcohol  soft drinks, and of course the kind of menu that you would expect to find in most of the restaurants in Islamorada.....just not in the early hours of the morning.

Address: MM 85 Overseas Highway, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 64 9669

Mile Marker 88

Marker 88 Restaurants In Islamorada

This is one of the restaurants in Islamorada that you can literally say its so good that even a President will eat there. George W Bush has been known to order a plate of the finest from this restaurant  originally opened in 1978 by German born Andre Mueller.

So whether you want to roll up in your car, or instead sail into the place by boat one thing is for sure, you should make a reservation.

Open for lunch and dinner Mile Marker 88 has a full bar, and will make your visit to one of the special restaurants in Islamorada more than memorable. 

Address: MM 88 88000 Overseas Highway, Bayside, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 9315

Smugglers Cover Resort And Marina

Smugglers Cove Restaurants In Islamorada

Ask a local where you can get something good to eat, and a nice price too, and they will likely point you in the direction of the Smugglers Cove.

This is pretentious free dining, which the kids will definitely love. Posh restaurant or easy going charm and the kids will always prefer the later.

So arrive by car or boat, and order great fish sandwich and enjoy the place for what it is. Simply great food.

Address: MM 88.5 Bayside Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664-5564

Island Grill

Island Grill Website

Don't just drive past here if you see that the parking spaces are few and far between, as this place is a lot better than it may look from the outside.

Get yourself inside, ask for a table near the ceiling to floor window area, and you will be right near the canal. If you can get outside then it really is quite lovely. Oh, yeah the last thing to say is try the spicy seared tuna nachos as they are out of this world.

Address: MM 88.5 Oceanside, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 8400

Braza Lena Brazilian Steakhouse

Braza Lena Steakhouse

If the thought of sitting in one of the restaurants in Islamorada, and having waiters waving huge swords covered in beef, lamb, pork and poultry appeals then you have come to the right place. Its a fun place, with a good atmosphere, however I wouldn't suggest it to a vegetarian.

There is another one of these down in Key West, so make sure you check out our guide on the best eating places in Key West for more information.

Address: MM 83.5 Bayside, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 4940

Ziggie And Mad Dogs

Ziggies Maddogs Restaurants In Islamorada

Ziggies has recently been refurbished, taking this classic 1930's built building and making it one fine establishment to dine in.

The place certainly has a history and even tales of the american gangster Al Capone, visiting and playing a few hands of cards at the back circulate freely if you ask nicely enough. 

Restaurants in Islamorada try to provide a full menu, and with a menu ranging from steaks through to seafood, you will definitely find something to appeal here.

Address: MM 83 Bayside, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 3391

Lorelei Cabana Bar

Lorelei Cabana Bar Restaurants In Islamorada

This is one of those restaurants in Islamorada that open up early at 6:00am so you could set up camp here and feed yourself all day if you want. And with a location right down on the edge of Florida Bay you couldn't choose better.

They try their best to cater for all visitors with live entertainment after sunset daily, and a menu that even has a family section which provides seven complete meals for only $15.95 each. And that my faithful readers is great value.

Address: MM 82 Bayside, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 2692

Atlantics Edge

Altantics Edge Restaurants In Islamorada

Although we will tell you a bit about Atlantics edge, if you are in the area you are in for a real dilemma  Restaurants in Islamorada come thick and fast, but when you visit Cheecha Lodge not only do you have this seafood restaurant to visit, but also a sushi bar ("Nikai") and a Tiki Bar too.

So take a look at all the menus before you visit, and whilst you are here why not pop over to the pioneer cemetery which can be found on the beach, and is of great historical importance. 

Address: Cheecha Lodge & Spa, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 4651

Kaiyo Grill

Kaiyo Grill Restaurants In Islamorada

Restaurants in Islamorada are all about inspiring and challenging the normal state of affairs. This is a weird one, but quite interesting. If you take Japanese Sushi dishes and mix them with more than a splash of Florida Keys recipes you will have an idea what the Kayio Grill offer.

Whilst I am telling you about this, did you know that "Kai" means small body of water, whilst "Yo" means large body of water. Which is great as restaurants in Islamorada like this sit between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. And that's a lot of water.

The grill is open daily for lunch and dinner.

Address: MM 81.7 Oceanside, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 5556

Morada Bay Beach Cafe

Morada Bay Restaurants In Islamorada

Restaurants in Islamorada are generally not like this place. It really is quite posh. From the moment you start up the drive way you are sure that you are not going to be offered a burger and a toy at the end. 

They have spared no expense on this place, and fortunately the same care has gone into the food, with thai style dolphin fingers, crab cakes and others from the tapas menu will make you dribble with anticipation.

Unlike many restaurants in Islamorada, this has live entertainment that is often showing the talents of famous vacationing artists, who cant resist getting up and doing a tune or two.

Address: 81.6 Bayside, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 0604

Islamorada Fish Company

Restaurants In Islamorada Islamorada Fish Company

Started back in 1948, this restaurant started very humbly  and is now franchised in 24 locations across the states of America. 

This though is the original and some say still the best. So sit on the dock, feel the breezes, watch the sunsets and enjoy a dining experience that is pure Islamorada 

I believe that this is how restaurants in Islamorada should really be.

Address: MM 81.5, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 9271

Read more detailed information on the Islamorada Fish Company

Green Turtle Inn

Green Turtle Inn Restaurants In Islamorada

This has been an iconic member of the Islamorada dining scene since way back in 1947, and has gone through quite a few changes over the years.

The Turtle can be found directly opposite the Florida Keys Outfitters, which is nice and easy....a bit like the service too.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you are certainly spoilt for choice from one of the restaurants in Islamorada that even your greatgrandad would have visited. And you dont stay in business that long unless you know a thing or two...

Address:  MM 81.2 Overseas Highway, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 664 2006 

City Hall Cafe

City Hall Cafe Islamorada

Restaurants in Islamorada such as the city cafe are particularly favoured by the locals, and one thing is for sure every night is different. 

With a new theme everyday of the week, you can enjoy lunch and dinner, with a good beer and wine selection safe in the knowledge that all lot of effort has gone into making it memorable.

Enjoy outside and indoor dining which restaurants in Islamorada do very well.......we have the climate you know!

Address: MM 88.5 Overseas Highway, Islamorada

Phone: (305) 852 3354

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