Key West Restaurants Are
Eclectic To Say The Least

Key West Restaurants

Key West Restaurants have a bit of everything.

And it’s not surprising as Key West really is a magical mix of the old and new.

So whether you are looking for old style conch cooking, for a touch of Manhattan then there is a restaurant in Key West to suit your requirements.

So what do you fancy tonight when you head out onto the sidewalks of Duval Street and its neighbouring roads?

And really that is a bit of a stupid question, as with many of the Key West Restaurants opening early for breakfast, brunch, or I suppose a very late supper why wait until the evening to get your taste buds working.

While it is hard to find a bad meal in Key West, as most know a reputation built up by word of mouth, can be lost in an instant, you won’t find it hard to find one that can break the bank.

Your special person might be delighted, as they nonchalantly look at the prices on the menu, and order the finest oysters and champagne, whilst you wonder if you can keep to the bread and water and not look a skin-flint.

When it comes to dining out in Key West you must expect prices more in common with a big city. Even a hamburger can be costly.

So the best thing to do is go…….

“Ok..this might cost me tonight, so let’s make it the best meal we can have”

So relax, forget the prices, enjoy the vacation, and hopefully your partner will start to feel that aphrodisiac qualities of the oysters and well……….

Enjoy the rest of the evening.

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The Definitive Guide To Key West Restaurants

Mangoes Key West Restaurants

Mangoes Catering

With a menu that proudly announces "A cross between Floribbean and American" you will expect Key West restaurants like this to be worth visiting.

They cook a good menu, that they change four times a year to keep things fresh, that feature locally caught fishes dishes, and American corn fed beef.

If they can they insist to only buy products that come from Florida, which is great to see a company supporting the local economy more than the global one.

Address: 700 Duval Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 292 4606

Harpoon Harrys Key West Restaurants

Harpoon Harrys

Key West Restaurants should all be like Harpoon Harrys. As it stands on its own, in decor, location, and food.

Found down by the Key West Historic Seaport on the site of what was once a small hospital later turned into a barbershop, it has an absolute mish mash of stuff hanging from the ceiling and all over the walls.

The food doesn't quite match up to the madness of the decor, with standard fare ranging from raw clams to nachos, Buffalo wings, salads, to sandwiches, burgers and wraps.

Decent price, decent food, and great location.

Address: 832 Caroline Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 294 8744

Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven

This restaurant in Key West has had a bit of a past.

Now it is one of the most famous restaurants in Key West, but that hasn't always been the case.

In fact even when Ernest Hemingway was patrolling the streets of the southernmost city, you would have been able to having a boxing match (which our boy Ernest did quite often.)

Address: 729 Thomas Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 296 8666

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Lobster House

A&B Lobster House

If you like seafood then A&B Lobster House is the place to go.

Even those that consider themselves to be experts in whatever comes out of the sea, state that this is about as good as it gets.

This Key West restaurant not only supplies a brilliant selection of seafood, but has equally good views across the harbour, due to its waterside location. 

Address: 700 Front Street (Upstairs), Key West

Phone: (305) 294 5880

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Hogs Breath

Hogs Breath Saloon

Built to look a lot like a authentic surfers bar, the place is covered in wood.

The bar for example is made from African Mahogany, with a row of seats lined up in-front.

I think this is the place to hang out as I have never seen an empty seatm and never managed to sit there myself.

In fact the whole place is generally packed, which makes it a relief that the actually bar is bar is actually outdoors, closer to the street.

Address:400 Front Street, Key West

Phone:(305) 296 4222

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Alonzos Oyster

Alonzos Oyster Bar

This is downstairs in the Lobster House and this Key West Restaurant can provide oysters however you like them.

You can them on the half shell, raw, baked, or even batter dipped and fried.

Really, Alonzo's will do their best to cater for your oyster desires. 

Address:700 Front Street (Downstairs), Key West

Phone: (305) 294 5880

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Bos Fishwagon Key West

B.O.'s Fish Wagon 

Buddy Owen or BO's as he is known in Key West, really is the master of making the fish sandwich. 

I would definitely recommend this, so do me a favour when you go down to this place on Caroline Street ignore the menu and go straight for the classic. But I warn you, if you decide to have fries, and onion rings with it you better be hungry. The portions are enormous.

BO's Fish Wagon has live music, an eclectic taste in interior design and is open Monday To Sunday for lunch and dinner.

Address: 5 Key Lime Square, Key West

Phone: (305) 296 5303

Lobos Grill Key West

Lobo's Grill

Certainly Lobo's is one of the Key West restaurants that brings more than its share of locals time after time. And, as you know for anywhere, if the locals thinks its good then its a place to check out on your vacations.

The roll up sandwiches containing cheeses, meats, vegs all wrapped up in a tight tortilla are simply great.

Lobo's is a relaxed place to eat from, as not only can you sit in, but you can takeaway, or even get a local delivery service. So sit on the beach, enjoy the views, and have a great bit of food dropped in your lap. Perfect.

Address: 801 Caroline Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 294 9272

Seven Fish Key West Restaurants

Seven Fish

You would think with a name like this that you will be looking at a menu dominated by seafood, and honestly you wont.

Yes, they do the freshest of fish, but they also do a great selection of meat, New York strip steak, grilled chicken and salad type foods.

This is one of the Key West Restaurants that if I was asked to describe I would say.....tiny. The tables are very close together so if you want to eat at normal hours say 8:00 o'clock you may have a little wait.

Address: 632 Olivia Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 296 2777

Big Johns Pizza

Big John's Pizza

Big Johns is a franchise that you will probably have seen in many malls and outlets throughout America, but its a good option if you fancy some really good pizza, and don't fancy going to a fully fledged restaurant.

The couple that own this store, try their best to set it apart with great service and a nice easy charm that should make this a success for them.

Big Johns is open every day and will deliver free to anywhere in the Key West city limits.

Address: 1103 Kmart Shopping Center

Phone: (305) 293 9576

Key West restaurants Abbbondanza

Abbondanza Italian Restaurant

Get yourself an Italian Dictionary and you will see that "Abbondanza" stands quite literally as Plenty in English. And with hearty portions of the kind of pasta you will expect to see at some of the more expensive Italian restaurants, then this is a good name to choose for themselves.

Enjoy the atmosphere  enjoy the food, and be happy that your saving a bit of cash on other Italian Key West restaurants.

The restaurant is open daily, has free parking, but doesn't accept any reservations at all.

And with food this good, they can choose to to do what they want!

Address: 1208 Simon Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 292 1199

Nine One Five Key West Restaurants

Nine One Five

This is a quite an upmarket restaurant  that doesn't quite step over the line and become pretentious. 

The chefs at Key West restaurants such as this one, try their hardest to serve up something unusual  and with crab with lemon dressing, a fine glass of white wine and a nightclub upstairs that you can wander up to if you have energy  this is a real evening out.

Certainly not one for the kids, but for adults looking for something....well a bit classy you can't go wrong.

Address: 915 Duval Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 296 0669

Blackfin Bistro Key West Restaurant

Blackfin Bistro

When you visit Key West, the Blackfin Bistro is a great escape for the madness and hustle and bustle of Duval Street.

It has been lovingly decorated with exquisite photographs of the Keys, nice simple tables and wine board, and the less is more style.

It really makes a difference from the style of many of the Key West restaurants who cram items, memorabilia and images on every cornr surface and even ceiling tile.

Oh yeah and he food is lovely too.

With a lively menu ranging from burgers, to simple shrimp sandwiches, this bistro has become very popular over the last few years.

Address: 918 Duval Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 509 7408 

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