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Restaurants In Key West

Restaurants In Key West, are a mass of choices

So before you plough down this page lets just point you for a second to the headline above

This is just page 2 of the information we present on this vitally important subject.

I know, I know....we do too much for you already, but we want you to have the information for the greatest, budget busting, cheap, exotic, romantic, kid friendly eating out in Key West experience we could offer.

So make sure you jump back on to our other pages on Key West Restaurants for the full information on what the southernmost point of American can offer in the way off dining.

But if you don't fancy doing that then we have more than enough choices below for amazing breakfasts, lunches to die for, and incredible evening meals, all within the streets of...yes, you got it Key West.


The Grand Restaurants In Key West

The Grand Cafe

This is one of the priciest restaurants in Key West, but it is certainly memorable. Situated right on Duval Street, you will find yourself sitting in a well positioned air conditioned restaurant, decked out to give a tropical feel. 

Relax amongst the foliage, and watch the passers by in Duval Street glance in enviously as the waiters zip in between the tables, delivering the gorgeously exquisite dishes. 

This is southern french cuisine of Provence at its finest, and is one of the restaurants in Key West that you should try out at least once.

As I say not cheap, but perfect for a special or romantic occasion.

Address: 314 Duval Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 292-4740

Ambrosia Key West

Ambrosia Japanese Restaurant 

This is most definitely one of the most popular of the Japanese restaurants in Key West, and its not surprising.

The locals flock to it, and can't get enough of the sushi, sakes and really top notch service that Ambrosia offer daily.

The plus point away from the food, is that they also offer a full bar, so you can really go to town, whether its for lunch or dinner. 

Good food, unusual choices and plentiful and tasty sauces will bring you back again and again.

Address: 1401 Simonton Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 293 0304

Finnegans Wake Restaurants In Key West

Finnegan's Wake Irish Pub & Eatery

These kind of themed pubs are everywhere you go. They normally for some reason or another seem to be linked to Ireland or England and offer traditional British food such as Shepherds Pie, Bangers and Mash, and Irish Stew.

To be honest after living in England for many years, the population do not eat this kind of stuff as much as people think, although it makes a pleasant change from typical American burgers, fries etc once in awhile. However on a positive, in typical Irish fashion they have two happy hours here, which both last for two hours each...go figure.

So you can certainly make your drinking budget stretch further here than many of the other restaurants in Key West that we have mentioned.

Address: 320 Grinnel Street

Phone: (305) 293 0222

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Santiagos Bodega Restaurants In Key West

Santiagos Bodega

Many of the restaurants in Key West, try to stick to Duval or Simonton Streets, and its not a surprise. Go where the crowds are seems to be the logic.

But Santiago's have proved that you can be tucked down one of the side streets, and if the service is good and the food is great then people will find you. And the tapas here are great, and the service is too, so they have done what they set out to achieve.

It's a nice place that has been recently expanded, so set off towards Bahama Village and not far away from the Lighthouse museum you will find this very pleasant tapas restaurant.

Address: 207 Petronia Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 296-7691

Half Shell Raw Bar

Half Shell Raw Bar 

Make sure you can swim if you want to visit this Key West establishment as it is sooooooo close to the water its untrue.

Found down at Land Ends Village at the Historic Key West Seaport the seafood has been served up daily since 1980 in quite a different way.

In the center of the place is Shuckers station, where a huge pile, ok a mountain of oysters, shrimps and clams sit waiting for eager diners to grab the nearest plastic knife and fork and load up their paper plates with whatever they get their hands on.

You can either sit inside or out on the deck near the waters edge, which is my personal favourite of the two options.

Like many of the restaurants in Key West the Half shell is open for both lunch and dinner.

Address: 231 Margaret Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 294 7496

Old Town Bakery Key West

Old Town Bakery Key West

Hidden down a side street off Duval Street, this place could well be somewhere that you stroll past without ever entering inside.

Although not like the fully fledged restaurants in Key West, the bakery opens up at 7:00am and serves until 17:00pm, so it might well do the trick for a quick snack.

It offers a good menu of sandwiches, soups, bagets, and coffee and of course the most delicious cakes and pastries. Best of all if you order over $8, which isn't much at all, they will deliver free to you as long as you are in Key West.

Address: 930 Eaton Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 396 7450

Michael's Restaurants In Key West

You will find Michaels situated down among the lovely tropical back streets of the Old Town District in Key West.

This is a husband and wife team, that have created an elegant and charming establishment with a fine menu, serving such dishes as steak, seafood, pastas, salads, and a great selection of cocktails and fine wines too.

Restaurants in Key West should all show as much loving care to the ambience and Michaels does.

And do it very well they do too.

Address: 532 Margaret Street, Key West

Phone: (305) 295 1300

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