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Can You Beat
These Places To Eat?

Are you looking for a Key Largo Restaurant?

Somewhere great for a quick snack, or perhaps for a little luxury eating with someone special?

Well the following list is what we would consider as worth trying in Key Largo Florida.

All of them have been tested out, and some we have been back to a few times, so we feel pretty certain that your lunch or evening will be a pleasant one.

If you do follow our advice then please remember to leave a review of your trip, so we can become the number one resource on restaurants in Key Largo, Florida Keys.

Cheers and Good Eating ! 

Alabama Jacks

Alabama Jacks

Alabama Jacks is just one of the reasons that brings people to drive the back door into the Florida Keys, on Card Sound Road, north of Key Largo.

No trip to the Florida Keys in complete with stopping here.

The main thing is don’t be turned off by the outside of the place.

It's what’s inside that makes this a true keys treasure.

Alabama Jacks is rated to have the best Conch fritters and Key lime pie by everyone who manages to find the place Read More..... 

Address: 1500 Card Sound Road, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 248 8741

Gilberts Resort Waterfront Tiki Bar & Restaurant

Gilberts Resort

Gilberts Resort Waterfront Tiki Bar and Restaurant is not to be missed.

The owners pride themselves on their Old World Menu and old Keys charm.

Although it puts the word "Resort" into its title, the word should be used loosely at best

As one of the of the oldest places in the Florida Keys, starting out in 1903 as a fishing camp, Gilbert’s Resort has kept it’s laid back charm Read More..... 

Address: MM 107.9 Bayside, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451 1133

The Buzzards Roost

Buzzards Roost

The Buzzards Roost is not the easiest place to find, but once you have visited we are sure you will return again and again before your vacation ends.

We heard about the place numerous times after staying at the Marriot Resort in Key Largo, and such was the passion that people told us.

“Have you tired the Buzzards Roost??? Man, go today and thank us tomorrow !” Read More..... 

Address: MM 106.5 Oceanside, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 453 3746

Sundowners On The Bay


Sundowners On The Bay in Key Largo is one of the most popular Key Largo Restaurants to sit back and watch the Florida Keys sun go down.

This may not have the prestige of sunset watching like Mallory Square has, but certainly has its own appeal.

Overlooking the azure expanse of Blackwater Sound, the restaurant on the bay is an interesting concoction of open and airy seating whilst still being cosy and intimate.

Friday night is an all you can eat fish fry extravaganza, with all the tables set with fresh flowers for evening dining. Read More..... 

Address: MM 104 Bayside, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451 4502

Senor Frijoles

Senor Frijoles

Senor Frijoles is a taste of Mexico right in the middle of Florida Bay.

So what can be better than sitting with an ocean view, whilst you munch down on some of the best and tasty Mexican food found on Key Largo, such as burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas?

One of the great things about this Key Largo restaurant is that it’s positioned next door to Sundowners On The Bay, so like Sundowners it is easily accessible by boat. Read More.... 

Address: MM 103.9 Bayside, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451-1592

Fish House Key Largo

Click Image For Fish House Key Largo

As soon you step into the Fish House Key Largo, you are left in no doubt that this is a place that specialises in cooking the best and freshest fish around.

The smell of freshly prepared seafood literally drags you by you nostrils into this sea food restaurant which is decked out fishnets, mounted fish, buoys and twinkling fish lights.

But don’t think that all the extra effort that has been put in to the décor is just to mask the food. Read More..... 

Address: MM 102.4 Oceanside, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451 0650

Mrs Macs Kitchen

Click Image For Mrs Macs Key Largo Restaurant

Mrs Macs Kitchen in Key Largo is what I suppose you could call homely.

You certainly don’t show up here attracted by the looks of the place, and like many of the Key Largo restaurants or cafes, it’s the cooking that makes all the difference.

If you want great home cooking covering plenty of carbs then you can’t do much better than sitting down in Mrs Macs Kitchen to eat. Read More..... 

Address: MM 99.4 Bayside, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451 3722

Captain Shon's Seafood Grill & Pub

Captain Shon's Seafood

Captains Shon's certainly know a thing or two about seafood. The menu at this place is massive.

If it swims, floats, or hangs around underwater you will be able to eat it.

First opening its doors in 1974, Captain Shon's has been a Key Largo restaurant which is loved by locals and tourists alike.

And with a menu that has over 100 brands of beer for purchase you will certainly have a few decisions to ponder over dinner or lunch.

Address: 103 Bayside, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 453 4000

Hobo's Cafe

Click Here For Hobos Cafe Key Largo Restaurant

This place has gone through a lot of changes over the years, and has really smartened itself up from the outside.

But I suppose that was not really required as its what is served up in this Key Largo Restaurant that is most important after all.

Hobo's serves up some great home-cooked burgers, garlic wings, fried sandwiches and other simple but extremely tasty delights.

Hobo's is a real insiders tip to dining out in Key Largo, and with reasonable prices, great food, and a very pleasant feel inside you cant go wrong.

Address: MM 101.7 Oceanside, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451 5888

Tower Of Pizza Key Largo

Click Image For Tower Of Pizza Key Largo

With a name like this you should have a good idea of what you are going to get when you pay them a visit.

And since 1975, when this Key Largo Restaurant first opened its doors to the public, it has flourished on the widest ranges of pizzas available.

But of course like most pizza joints, they also do lasagnas, salads, subs, desserts, and other Italian based delights that will thrill (and fill) all the family.

If you don't fancy going out, then they also deliver free, as long as you order a minimum amount

Address: MM 100.6 Bayside, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451 1461

Sharkey's Galley Key Largo

Click Here For Sharkey's Galley Key Largo

Sharkey's Galley in Key Largo has a lovely location right by the waterside. 

It does take a little bit of a search to find it, so stop at MM 100, and then look for Marina Del Mar and you should have no problems. 

The set up of this Key Largo restaurant is slightly unusual with a bar being downstairs, whilst you go upstairs to eat. Actually after a few beers it might be as well to have the bar downstairs thinking about it!

With opening hours that start at 7:00am and closes at 10:00pm, you have a choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Address: 522 Caribbean Dr, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 453 0999

Harriette's Restaurant

Harriette's Restaurant Key Largo

Harriette's is rated by many as a Key Largo Restaurant that should be on everyone's list for a hearty breakfast.

The service is fast, efficient and friendly, and when it comes to the hashbrowns and omelettes, well.. don't go anywhere else.

If there is a drawback, it will be that you may have a little wait to get a table.

Nothing huge, five minutes or so. But when the food, price and service is as good as Harriettes then this is only expected.

Address: 95710 Overseas Highway, BaysideKey Largo

Phone: (305) 852 8689

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