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Christ Of The Abyss Key Largo Snorkeling

Key Largo snorkeling experiences are really quite amazing.

Just the fact that you are in Key Largo, which is known as the diving capital of the world means that the snorkeling is going to be great too.

You have my word on it.

So what we will do on this page, is try to bring together the best possible information we can on Key Largo snorkelling sites that you can visit and also provide names, contact details and addresses for companies that excel in day trips and charters.

All the companies listed have been taking eager snorkelers out into the Florida Keys waters for years, so you will know that you really will be in very good hands indeed, and be able to say that you experienced snorkeling in Key Largo at its very best.


Sundivers Key Largo snorkeling

Sundiver Snorkel Vacations

Sundivers have been diving and snorkeling in Key Largo since 1972, so they are superbly experienced, and cater for all levels and standards.

In fact if you add all the time that their staff have been doing this, it equates to over 100 years of Key Largo snorkeling experience, which is great to hear if this is going to be your first time Key Largo snorkeling.

They will take you out to between 6 and 12 Key Largo snorkeling sites, with most of them being in or around the world famous John Pennekamp State Park.

Phone: (305) 451 2220

Address: Sundiver Station, 102840 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo

Quick Silver Snorkeling

Quick Silver Snorkeling Key Largo

Quick Silver will take you out to a few reefs to experience the wonderful world of Key Largo Snorkeling first hand.

John Pennekamp State Park is obviously on the doorstep and is world class, whilst Grecian Rocks, White Banks Dry Rocks and Cannon Path Reef will also be favourite destinations to dive.

Address: 99751 Overseas Highway Key Largo

Phone: (877) 453 0110

Caribbean Watersports & Enviro Tours

Caribbean Watersport Key Largo

Since 1983 Caribbean Watersports have been patrolling the waters of Key Largo, with groups of eager snorkelers.

So join them for either 3 hour trips to John Pennekamp State park, or perhaps a 2 hour Enviro Tour, where Dolphins and Turtles are often encountered. Great fun whatever activity you choose. 

Address: 97000 Overseas Highway, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 852 4707

Amoray Dive Resort

Amoray Dive Resort Key Largo Snorkeling

Amoray can take you from a complete novice, and with just a a few lessons have you snorkeling around the Key Largo waters like an expert.

So to make the most of your diving experiences, check them out so you can really gain the most from being safely underneath the Key Largo waters.

Address: 104250 Overseas Highway, Key Largo

Phone: (800) 426 6729

Keys Diver & Snorkel Center

Keys Diver Snorkeling Key Largo

Keys Divers are great if you fancy joining other snorkeling fans on tours of the coral reefs at John Pennekamp State Park, and the National Marine Sanctuary.

Ask to to go out and see the amazing Christ of the Abyss statue, and not only will you have seen one of the most iconic underwater photographs first hand, you will also have a story to tell your grandkids.

Address: 99696 Overseas Highway, Unit 1, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451 1177

Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules Undersea Lodge Key Largo Snorkeling

At Jules Undersea lodge you can either dive or snorkel the Emerald lagoon.

The lagoon is an ideal mangrove habitat for reef fish and invertebrate animals that are not normally seen out on the Key Largo reefs. 

Unusually here at Jules, you don't just get the snorkeling in Key Largo experience that you would consider the norm, as the lodge that Jules provides is actually the world's first underwater hotel, which has to be seen to be believed.

Address: 51 Shoreland Drive, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451 2353

Ocean Divers

Ocean Divers Key Largo Snorkeling

Explore the wrecks and reefs around Key Largo, with Ocean Divers, who will take you to many of the best sites around the Upper Keys.

From the sunken naval ships such as USS Spiegel Grove deliberately sunk to make an artificial reef, to the Christ of the Abyss statue. 

But then amazing natural caverns at French Reef will be at your mercy too. Daily trips are available by contacting Ocean Divers. 

Address: 522 Caribbean Drive, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451 1113

Scuba Do Divers

Scuba Do Key Largo Snorkeling

Scuba Do have been operating for over 20 years, and really focus on your comfort above and below the Key largo Waters.

With a returning customer rate of 90% and a pledge to only have 10 people on the boat at anyone time you can be assured that you will have an amazing time snorkeling In Key Largos wrecks and around the reefs.

Address: 102670 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451 3446

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