The La Te Da On Duval Street Oozes Key West Class

La Te Da

The La Te Da is one of the hotels in Key West Florida Keys that you should try at least once.

A mixture of hotel, cabaret, restaurant, and bar that has been an icon of the party seen since 1978.

Even though this hotel is on Duval Street, the busiest and liveliest road in Key West, the La Te Da is at the quiet end of the street, which makes it perfect for a boozy, fun evening, but then a good nights sleep.

Ready to go again when the sun drops down at Mallory Square, energised to go again the following evening.

When we visited the hotel in early 2011, there had been a slight mix up with our booking, but the staff couldn’t have been more helpful with sorting out the error.

And to our delight we ended up with one of the luxury rooms, for the same price.

The room was absolutely huge for a room in Key West, and had all the amenities that you would expect plus more.

La Te Da

La Te Da's luxury rooms are all to be found on the second floor of the hotel, and offer:

British Colonial Mahogany furnishings

Luxurious white linens and duvets

Artwork from exotic locations

CD player

Air conditioning

Telephone with voice mail


Ceiling fan

Wireless internet access

We couldn't want anything else really, and bear in mind that if there is some specific requirement you would like, the staff will certainly try their best to deal with it as soon as asked.

If you feel a different type of room is required then you could upgrade to a Deluxe room, or save a few dollars and drop down to a standard.

All of them I'm sure will leave you delighted with your choice.

The hotel has a really nice relaxed atmosphere, which is so different from the wild and energetic bars just up the road.

We actually enjoyed the jazz that was played in the music lounge.

Jazz isn’t really our kind of music, but it added to the charm of the place.

When you are in such a place as this the greatest hits of Rick Astley, maybe not what you would first reach for, even though you can't beat a bit of Rick !!

Breakfast is served as complimentary, and runs from 8:30am until 13:00pm which is great if you have only rolled in to bed at 4:00am and cant face getting back up a few hours for a hot sausage.

It is brought freshly cooked to your table, which makes a nice change from walking back and forth from the buffet set up that lots of hotels do nowadays.

Once you had one of their great breakfasts you can relax around the shady pool, which isn't huge but is ok, until you are ready to hit the clubs and bars in Duval Street again, or more likely just hang around the La Te Da and enjoy the nightly entertainment.

Quite simply if you are looking for a five star swanky hotel with all the mod cons, then the place is not for you.

But if you want to experience one of the truly original, honest and well run hotels in Key West Florida keys, then this will tick all your boxes.

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