Mallory Square Key West - The Place To See The Kind Of Sunset You Won't Forget In A Hurry

Mallory Square Key West is a fantastic plaza situated in the Old Town City of Key West, Florida.

It can be found right at the waterfront on Key West's historic Old Town , directly opposite the cruise ship port.

As many of you will find yourself strolling contentedly along Duval Street at sometime during your trip to the Islands it would be a crime not to make your way to the northern end of the street (especially as the sun is starting to go down).

If you don’t you will miss a potential highlight to your vacation.

You see the square, has been the home of group that call themselves the "Sunset Celebration", and these two uplifting words have over the years remained as an absolute magnet to the tourists that pour into the city every day of the year.

But what exactly is the "Sunset Celebration" you might be wondering?

Well as this is THE place to watch and savour the most unbelievably fantastic sunsets you will ever see, if you decide to visit Mallory plaza you will join the masses of eager tourists that flock to the area every night to watch the most amazing sunsets.

Mallory Square Key West

The sunset celebration that fills Mallory Square has street performers, arts and crafts, and food a plenty.

There really is something for everyone.

The whole thing starts a couple of hours before the main event, when the sun goes down, every day of the year, and is really a great way to end a perfect Key West day.

It hasn't always been as perfect however.

In 1984 the city decided to open a pier right on the square.

This decision was not a popular one and the many people who loved to come and watch the sunset here were up in arms.

“We don’t want boats getting in the way of the view” they cried, and the cry was loud enough to make the City listen.

So to try to keep a happy feeling in the area, the City officials agreed a law to ensure that all cruise ships had to depart the port at least a couple of hours before the sun went down to allow the congregating crowd the view that they flocked to see.

Added this to make sure the boat owners were not too put out, they allowed the Captains to steer the boats back into the port after dark, without charging anything extra in the way of docking fees.

This seemed to do the trick and the viewing of the sunset at the wonderful Mallory Square Key West continued to this day.

A footbridge joins Mallory Square across to the Hilton Resort and Marina by a pier, where you will see amusing street entertainers, such as vaudevillian Jeep and his dog Moe, and even more bizarrely Dominiques high flying cats.

The pussy's fly through the air much to the delight of the watching crowds.

The whole event is free to attend, but make sure that you bring a few small notes with you for the hats the entertainers will pass around after you have watched them.

That's a great tip for you!

Make sure you check page three of the mornings "Key West Citizen" for daily sunset times, otherwise you could well miss the whole thing.

Mallory Square Key West

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