Marathon Beaches - Are You 'Shore' You Want To Miss Out?

Marathon Beaches are special.

Well certainly one is, as Bahia Honda is not just one of the best beaches in Marathon, or in fact one of the best beaches in the Florida Keys.

Ok, I have to admit that Bahia Honda is actually about 12 miles down the road at Big Pine Key, but it is certainly special and makes up the rather poor selection of beaches in this part of the Florida Keys. 

The beach lined with Palm Trees is about as close to the tropical fantasy that people think about when you imagine your ideal beach.

But what about the other beaches then??

Well this is when the island of Marathon really delivers, as you can either visit Sombrero Beach or the quieter and more natural Coco Plum Beach.

Let's give you the run down of the three main beaches in Marathon , so you can decide which one you fancy visiting.

Or, what we would suggest is just go to all three.

Job done!

Marathon Beaches

Marathon Beaches

Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda is the jewel in not just Marathon , but the whole of America.

It has a few tropical looking beaches covered in white sand for you to explore, which is quite unusual as most beaches in the Florida Keys are pebbly

The smallest of all is Calusa, and this one is to be found on the northwest at the other side of the island.

Of course when you are at a beach you get a bit sandy, and might want to use the showers that are found in small buildings.

The showers are outdoor, and fresh water, but I assume you aren't planning to fully strip off when cleansing, so this should be fine

If you go over to the South side of the Island, you will come across Loggerhead beach.

Because of the shallowness, you can walk out quite away into the water, and its great for snorkeling. Read More.....

Address: MM 37, 36850 Overseas Hwy Big Pine Key, FL 33043-3517

Marathon Beaches

Sombrero Beach

Sombrero Beach compared to many of the beaches you will find in the Florida Keys is quite spacious.

Not by Miami’s standards of course, but hey does Miami have turtles?

I actually don’t know the answer to that question, but we do…so there!!!

It really is a lovely beach, made up of white imported sand. Read More.....

Address: Sombrero Beach Road Marathon, FL 33050, United States

Marathon Beaches

Coco Plum Beach

This is a very natural type of beach, with not a lot going on away from simply relaxing and swimming.

However, there are restrooms and a covered pavilion available.

Like many of the beaches not just in Marathon, but also in the Florida Keys, Coco Plum Beach is used by turtles as a nesting ground.

Address: Cocoplum Drive, Marathon Florida 33050

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