The Wreck Of The Northwind


The dive site where the Northwind lies is 3 and half miles southwest of the Marquesas in 40 feet of water.

And one thing for sure even more than most ships and boats that end up at the bottom of the ocean this is one with a truly tragic story. Although I suppose most, if not all of the wrecks that lie on the floor of the Florida Keys coastline have a tale to tell.

It was in 1975 when during work on the Atocha project, looking for a huge haul of sunken treasure, the tug started taking on water and sunk sometime before dawn.

They say that the tragic accident was caused by a malfunctioning fuel valve and a leaky bulkhead, but it is hard to tell.

Although the unfortunate and tragic boat was at anchor at the time searching for the gold, some people believe that as the water stared entering the bulk head , the water and the fuel began moving from one side of the vessel to the other, which as you can imagine caused a constant rocking which finally de-stabilised her.


What we do know is that as the tug, owned by Mel Fishers Treasure Salvors, went down it took several of the crew including the owner’s son, and daughter in law.

Racked with grief over the loss of his family members, Mel Fisher has since insisted that out of respect no attempt to ever raise the wreck from the waters is ever undertaken.

To ensure this occurs the vessels portholes and prop wash have been removed to allow water through all areas of the dive site.

It is a very good wreck to dive with good visibility.

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