Pearls Rainbow In Key West
Female Only Hotel

Pearls Rainbow

One thing is for certain, if you want to stay at Pearls Rainbow in Key West you have to be female.

And guys, that’s a rule that can’t be broken, and that goes for you kids…..oh and your pets too.

Pearls is a lesbian owned and operated female only resort, and is one of just a handful in Key West.

The hotel features 38 rooms, two hot tubs, and two clothing optional swimming pools.

But you may be wondering what can you expect from Pearls and how much will you have to pay?

Well let us enlighten you.

For a start they really have rooms to cater for every budget.

You can go for the small and functional right up to the large suites that can sleep up to 4 people.

All the standard rooms feature queen size beds, private baths, TV, air-conditioning and ceiling fans.

Pearls Rainbow

These are perfect to use as a base in Key West, as to be honest who wants to spend all their time in their hotel room?

Duval Street is beckoning….well screaming really, and is great fun.

However if you did want to splash the cash and go for the “Wow” factor then why not go for the priciest of the accommodations which is a deluxe poolside suite consisting of a king bedroom, private bath and separate living room with big screen TV.

The rate for the full Bed & Breakfast option includes a cooked breakfast each morning, whereby you can choose what you want on your plate.

If this doesn't appeal then a normal breakfast buffet option is also available.

The guesthouse is located half a block off Duval Street on the Ocean Side of the island

Address: 525 United Street, Key West, Florida Keys

Phone: (305) 292-1450 or (800) 749-6696

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