Sea Camp, Big Pine Key - The Place For Your Kids To Experience Nature As It Was Meant To Be Seen

Sea Camp (or SEACAMP) is really a wonder.

Not only is it set in the amazing location of Newfound Harbor within the rural, natural beauty of Big Pine Key, but this is THE place to allow your kids the freedom to get amongst the waters and animals of the Florida Keys.

What parent would want to hold back on this exciting opportunity for their kids?

And I suppose the second question is why send them anywhere else?

Newfound Harbor covers both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, and is the perfect base to explore the mud flats and safe habitats of the natural pools left behind by the outgoing tides.

Alongside the fish rich grassy areas, sandy areas, is the number one living coral reef in the whole of the United States of America, (all of them are full of sea plants and animals basic to the study of marine science)and this is really what the area is famous for.

The scuba and marine science camp for children aged 12 through to 17 has been in Big Pine Key Since 1966.

Children come from across the globe to sign up for SEACAMP's 18-day programme where they learn scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and sailboarding.

Sea Camp facilities are extremely good and have all the main things that you would want for your kids to be comfortable during their stay.

They will certainly be well fed and entertained with a dining and recreation hall, infirmary, science laboratory, teaching shelter, deep water harbour, sailing shelter, arts and crafts building, commercial kitchen, business office, staff lounge, and administration offices.

There are four dormitories which sleep both staff and the campers, and their will be no coming back after a week with a dry flannel and soap, as sixteen cabins all have tiled baths, whilst nine have a showerhouse just across from them.

If all of this doesn't put your mind at rest, and your kids incessant pleading to go hasn't won you over, then let's finally settle your doubts.

Did we tell you that for every three resident campers staying at Sea Camp aka kids, then there is one fully trained member of staff in attendance.

And I'm sure that is a lot more than they get at their own school each day.

And it is that small group mentality that really gives each group their own individuality and helps them learn, explore, and develop during their week at the camp.

You wont recognise your little loved ones when they return.

The camp operates from June through to August and offers a damp camp in the summer for resident children aged 10 through to 14.

MM 30 Oceanside, Newfound Harbor Road

1300 Big Pine Avenue, Big Pine Key

(305) 872-2331 or (877) 732-2267

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