West Martello Tower, Key West

West Martello Tower

The West Martello Tower is actually part of the Key West Garden Club and Joe Allen Garden Center.

This is a historic place, and should be a place you pop into when visiting the island of should be a place you pop into when visiting the island of Key West.

In fact on June 24th 1976, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, and added to the beautiful gardens that surround it is certainly one of the really pleasant Key West Attractions.

It was actually constructed in 1862 and like the few forts that sit around this island, did not see much of action.

In fact it stayed as far away from the war as the Dali Lama I can imagine.

It was used as an immovable target to be practiced upon by the US Navy, which is why it is……somewhat shabby in condition.

But I guess we would all not be looking our best if we had been pounded from all sides by the military!!

But what remains of the attached fort are still to be seen today, and as you wander throughout the garden center that surrounds it, you could honestly spend hours here.

It is very peaceful and quiet, and better yet, the attraction is free.

And it stays that way due to the donations that are made each and every year, by visitors and locals that wish it be a place that everyone can enjoy.

West Martello Tower

The beautiful gardens feature rare collections of native and exotic trees and plants.

So grab yourself a self guided tour and wander around happily as you try to spot the local flora, such as a Key Lime tree (which is the obvious main ingredient of the favourite dessert of the Florida Keys - Florida Key Lime Pie ), or just to find that perfect spot to relax awhile.

The views of the Atlantic Ocean here are amazing from inside the garden.

There are photographic opportunities everywhere.

West Martello is open Tues though to Saturday in season.

However the schedule may vary so it would be best to give them a quick call before visiting just to make sure you aren't disappointed.

The last thing to advise that there is a dress code and shirts and shoes are required.

Key West Garden Club Flower Show

In March each year the West Martello Tower forms the backdrop for one of the Special Events that occur in the Florida Keys - The Key West Garden Club flower show.

The group hold a prejuried show every year, whereby over 800 entries of floral arrangements, potted plants, palms, rare tropical flowers, and hybrids are displayed.

Judges come to the area from all over the state of Florida to view the exhibits and of course decide on the winners of each category.

The flower show is held during the spring, and not neccesarily in March, so it would be best to phone or at least check the web first.

Please note there are attendance costs to attend the flower show.


West Martello Tower, PO Box 4131, Key West, FL 33041

(305) 294-3210


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