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If you are looking for bus travel to and from the Florida keys you can choose a few different bus services, ranging from the luxurious type...move over Elton John, or the cheap and functional.

Many people like to grab their own hire car and drive down in their own environment, others like the ramdomness of the characters that you meet on the bus, and occasionally the crazy stories that get told by fellow passengers.

You really do get a sense of what America is about whilst sitting as the bus travels down the open highway.

To be honest, sometimes I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing!!

The following list of bus travel operators who commute to the Keys below are no way in any order of reputation or rating.

Bus Services To And From The Florida Keys


Greyhound Services

The iconic Greyhound Lines USA bus operator makes plenty of arranged pick ups and drop off's along the route that winds from the start at Miami International Airport down to Key West.

If you are planning on taking the greyhound, then it is advisable to make your reservation before hand.

It does get quite busy.

The journey down to the Southernmost point takes around 4 and half hours give or take.

The image below gives a decent representation of stops and timings from Miami to Key West.

The last time we checked the price, it was just over $40.00 for a one way single, so it would be best to check for yourself when you come to require bus travel.

Greyhound Timetable

Contact Information

Phone 1-(800)231-2222 or (305)296-9072.



Keys Shuttle

Driving from the two main international airports servicing the Florida Keys (Miami and Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood) this is as close to a door to door service as you can get.

The service operates every single day, and best of all has six starts scheduled, which means you can have a lay-in and still make your way down to the starting point.

All the vehicles are new, and the company pride themselves on transporting you and up to 12 passengers in a clean and comfortable environment.

Contact Information

Address: Keys Shuttle, P.O. Box 501439, Marathon, FL 33050

Phone:(305) 289-9997 or 1 (888) 765-9997.


Lower Keys Shuttle

Lower Keys Shuttle

This government owned and run shuttle bus service between Key West and Marathon connects Dade-Monroe Express in Marathon to provide bus travel from Key West to Florida City (mainland Miami).

The pre-arranged stops on the route are made in Key West, Big Coppitt, Cudjoe Key, Big Pine Key, Boca Chica, Sugarloaf, Summerland Key, Bay Point, and Marathon.

All the information for this service can be found by clicking on the link below, but just to make you glad that you found this page, we want you to know a little extra bit of information.

The price of taking a journey one way is quite a cheap $4.00, but although this may delight you, make sure that you have the correct cash.

You will not get change if you only have $10.00 for example.

Now you know that feel free to click on the link provided.

Contact Information

Phone: 305-809-3910.

Dade-Monroe Express provide bus travel from Florida City on the mainland of Florida through to the City Of Marathon

This provides the link between Key West and Florida City.

There are few stops that are scheduled, but rather surprisingly the service will stop on route if you stick out a hand.

That’s always nice to know if you are suddenly left stranded for any reason.

This bus service offers a reduced fare if you show them your Medicare card, or if you are 65 and older, from any state or out of the country, you can apply for a fare permit.

The route destination is #301, with scheduled bus travel stops at Key Largo MM 95, Tavernier MM 90, and last but not least Islamorada MM 74.

Contact Information

Phone: (305) 809-3910


Key West Bus

City Of Key West Department Of Transportation

The City Of Key West has its own bus service that goes around the island several times per day.

You can see at the designated stops that there is a colour coding system to show you what route you will be jumping onto.

The beauty of this bus travel in Key West is as we said they all go around in a circle, so even if you get a bit lost and you're not sure what route you are on, just sit and look out the window until you get back to where you started.

During the week the buses start running about 5:30am and run all the way through to 11:30pm, but do beware for some reason or other on the weekends and bank holidays the operating times are shorter and wont stop at as many places.

If you fancy seeing Key West at a leisurely place you can also use the "BOB" which is Bikes On Buses scheme.

So buy a ticket for the bus, jump on with your bike and you won't be charged any more for carrying it on.

Contact Information: 627 Palm Avenue, Key West, Florida

Phone:(305) 293-6426




This service is slightly different with a more luxurious feel to the service they provide.

Similarly to the majority of operators they start at the International Airports in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and then shoot all the way down US1 to the Florida Keys.

Contact Information:

Phone:(877) 246-4786.


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