Key West Car Hire Is A Must In The Keys, Let's Show You How To Get It Sorted

Key West Car Hire shouldn't be hard or expensive to arrange.

You are on vacation after all.

You don't want to be worrying about an additional cost that you really could do without.

You might want to hire the super sexy convertible to impress the lady of your dreams.

You may want the 52 seater people carrier for all your kids, kids friends, mother in law, wife...and anyone else that suddenly wants to be your friend when you are coming down to paradise.

So what we have tried to do is make the car hire easy for you.

Put everything at your finger tips, so you can whizz off and enjoy the attractions, and of course the sunshine.

Any of the links below will help you get on your way and fast.

So if it's a simple thing like finding Avis car rental locations, or infact any car hire company like Alamo, National or Dollar then look no further.

Or just to find an up to date telephone number.

You have come to the right place.

Key West Car Hire Companies

Public transport in the Keys is basically nil.

oK that a little harsh, as you can get buses and shuttles, and of course even a ferry or two as shown here, but if you want flexibility, and affordable convenience then a car is a must.

If you want to get around to see everything the Florida Keys has to offer, then a car or vehicle is what you need.

Most of the car hire companies that service the islands are found at the airports in Fort Lauderdale, Miami or down at Key West.

Some of the companies such as Dollar, or Avis will pick up or deliver vehicles, but we would fully recommend ensuring that the car is hired before you arrive in the Florida Keys – Availability in peak season is often limited at one of the following car hire agencies.

Please note that we do have one Key West Car Hire company right in the middle of Old Town on Duval Street which of course will make it so much easier if you just need a car for a couple of days or so.


Alamo Car Hire

2516 North Roosevelt Blvd

(888) 826-6893


Avis Car Hire

3491 South Roosevelt Blvd (at Key West International Airport)

(305) 296-8744 or (800) 831-2847


Budget Car And Truck Rental

3491 South Roosevelt Blvd (at Key West International Airport)

(305) 294-8868 or (800) 527 0700

15% off on Rentals in US and Canada


Dollar Rent A Car

3491 South Roosevelt Blvd (at Key West International Airport)

(305) 296-9921 0r (800) 800-4000


Enterprise Vehicle Hire

2516 North Roosevelt Blvd

(305) 292-0220 or (800)0736-8222


Hertz Vehicle Rental

3491 South Roosevelt Blvd (at Key West International Airport)

(305) 294-1039 or (800) 654 3131

Thrifty Rentals

Thrifty Car Hire

3491 South Roosevelt Blvd (at Key West International Airport)

(305)294-8644 or (877)283-0898

Tropical Rentals

Tropical Car Hire Rentals

1300 Duval Street, Key West


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