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Hotel In Marathon

A hotel in Marathon is not hard to find....heck you could book a room within a couple of minutes. 

But would it be the right one?

Will it give you the perfect location to explore the many Keys that make up Marathon, (also known as the heart of the Florida Keys due to its location half way along the string of islands.)

Will it be close to the beaches, and attractions, or perhaps far away from the same things if you want seclusion and romance?

So don't just dive in and book a hotel in Marathon, but really go through each one of the hotels shown and I promise you, you will find a hotel in Marathon that will make your vacation the amazing experience that a Florida Keys vacation should be.

And if you want more information on Marathon as a whole make sure you click through on the links that you will find throughout the page.


The Hammocks In Marathon

The Hammocks At Marathon

Address: MM 48.2 Bayside, Marathon

The Hammocks is pure Florida Keys at its very best.

Surrounded by lush greenery, and a huge aquarium in the foyer,  everything about this hotel in Marathon helps you escape from the real world, and settle into keys life.

Just off US1, or the Overseas Highway as it is otherwise known, it has an amazing menagerie of birds, lizards, fish and animals to look out for in its grounds. 

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Siesta Hotel In Marathon

Siesta Motel

Address: 7425 Overseas Highway, Marathon

If you are looking for a hotel in Marathon that is close to the beaches and attractions then this could well be the place for you.

This is quite a low key hotel, so it doesn't have all the thrills that you might expect, but it certainly is one of the cheaper options that you will find on the island.

It does have a nice outdoor swimming pool, a tropical feel with lush foliage surrounding a barbecue which would be pleasant in the evening.

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Yellowtail Inn Marathon

Yellowtail Inn 

Address: MM58 Oceanside, Grassy Key, Marathon

One thing for sure if you book at Yellowtail Inn you will experience old Florida Keys. 

This place is cute, charming, but offers cottages, suites, rooms all with the mod cons that you would want.

On the glorious grounds you have a heated swimming pool, private beach, barbecue, pedal boats, and a lovely fishing pier.

This is a great hotel in Marathon to book into. It will have you coming back again and again.

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Tropical Cottages hotel in Marathon

Tropical Cottages 

Address: 243 61st Street Gulf, Marathon

You can really relax in these slightly unusual cottages in Marathon.

There are only 13 of them, and most of them have self catering facilities but not all. So make sure you check when booking if you are planning on cooking whilst staying here.

A nice touch are the hammocks and outdoor lounge areas which are pleasant to sit in under the stars.

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Bonefish Resort Hotel In Marathon

Bonefish Resort Motel

Address: 58070 Overseas Highway, Marathon

A hotel in Marathon quite often is a low key affair. They don't seem to have the glamour of other areas of the Florida Keys, but don't let that put you off.

This motel gets good reviews from clients, who are impressed by its beachfront pool and location, whilst liking the price to stay there too.

With just a short walk you can be in downtown Marathon, which is a nice change from driving everywhere.

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Casa Del Sol hotel in marathon

Casa Del Sol Beach Resort

Address: 58182 Overseas Highway, Marathon

The beauty of this all-suite property is the little extra things, like a washer and dryer being in each of the 2 bedroom suites.

Yes, I know you're on vacation but just a few of the mod-cons being accessible can really make things easier for you, especially if you are travelling with a young family.

Casa Del Sol has its own private beach, and is literally minutes from the Dolphin Research Center.

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Kingsail Motel Marathon

Kingsail Resort Motel

Address: 7050 Overseas Highway, Marathon

The hotel in Marathon might not be as plush as some that you have been looking at, but it still has amenities such as kitchen, air-conditioning  WIFI, swimming pool and even a lagoon to moor your boat.

And just 45 minutes outside of Key West this could well be the type of place you are looking for, to then maximize your budget down at the Southernmost point if you are thinking of visiting.

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Sunrise at White Sands Inn

White Sands Inn

Address: 57622 Overseas Highway, Marathon

With rates around $150 per room per night, and the chance to see the world famous sunrises that occur on this side of the islands, the White Sands Inn is in prime position to gain your custom.

The Inn has its own private beach, WIFI, Picnic area, and coffee and tea makers in each room.

Perfect for relaxed fishing, kayaking and exploring of the local area.

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Sombrero Resort In Marathon

Sombrero Resort And Marina 

Address: 19 Sombrero Blvd, Marathon

As you can see from the address's  many of the hotels like to keep to the Overseas Highway, but this one sits away on Sombrero Boulevard  It's only a short walk to the Publix Supermarket, which is convenient of you are in the mood to use the kitchens in each of the rooms.

The resort has an equipment room, pool, WIFI and is not the quaint little place that you might be looking for, when you step out of your room onto the beach. Although it does what it says, and should be checked out.

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Indigo Reef Marathon

Indigo Reef Resort 

Address: MM 53, Bayside, Marathon

The Indigo Reef Resort has been built on on 15 acres of waterfronted land in the heart of Marathon.

If you want secluded, then you are going to get it with this place as the 67 homes, consisting of three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and top facilities such kitchens, WIFI, plasma TV's looking out onto the Gulf of Mexico are surrounded by lush vegetation that is tropical and glorious.

This resort is great for anglers and boaters alike

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Key Colony Beach Motel

Key Colony Beach Motel 

Address: MM 54, Oceanside, Marathon

The Key colony sits proudly on Key Colony beach (clever name??) right on the Ocean.

So it is a wonderful location to spend your time in Marathon. The motel has simple rooms, with a double bed and a refrigerator in each. With its heated swimming pool, and beach-side location you can be sure that you will go through a ton of towels. But they are provided too, so you have nothing to worry about, other than relaxing. 

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Tranquility Bay Hotel In Marathon

Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort Marathon  

Address: 2600 Overseas Hwy, Marathon

Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort has a name that should mean one thing to you....or two perhaps. One: You will find a relaxed, secluded resort perfect for escaping from the stresses of general life. And Two: Its on the beach, and a private beach too. So whether you want to lay by the pool, lay on the beach, or even take advantage of the massages on offer you will feel your tight muscles just disappearing rapidly.

So enjoy the facilities, such as the gym, park your car for free, and watch the 42 inch TV on your bed and love every minute of your stay in this hotel in Marathon. You deserve the break.

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