Hotels in Key West Florida Are Hip, Cheap, Romantic The Lot!

Hotels In Key West Florida

Hotels in Key West Florida are not hard to come by.

This eclectic, charming historic city is certainly high up on the nations chosen destinations for a weekend break, or if you are lucky a longer vacation.

Just the fact that the weather is good all year round tips the balance on many vacationers decision, and therefore a constant supply of people to fill their rooms, you can be assured that most of the hotels in Key West Florida are busy, busy, busy.

Especially the hotels along Duval Street.

Key Wests accommodations range from comfortable but basic standard motel rooms to the WOW !!

And when we say wow, most of the time you will get a fantastic premier private suite in a historic inn.

So if you are looking for hotels in Key West Florida, you have come to the right place.

We will group them by price, service location and overall……would we want to stay there factor.

One thing we can say is “Yes”,

Give us a chance of a couple of days in the Historic Old Town in Key West and will take you up on the offer…thanks very much.

All the motels, hotels and inns that we recommend would have air-conditioning, cable television, and telephones unless we say so.

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Motels, Hotels and Resorts

If you are looking for hotels in Key West Florida, you can be sure of one thing, and that is they tend to be pricey.

You will quite often have to spend over $100 per night during the high season, and during Fantasy Fest in October and Christmas week the rates will generally jump even higher.

Hotels in Key West florida can be grouped pretty much into two camps.

Those in Key West ie the Historic Old Town, or those by the waterfront.

If it is a view of the water that you want you will be laying your head down in a franchise or individually owned motels near North Roosevelt Boulevard.

Those accomodations near the city's shopping centers and fast food restaurants in New Town, lack the charm of the historic district, Duval Street , and public beaches. 

More Key West Hotels To Check Out

Florida Keys Hotels In Key West Florida

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Our Personal Favourite Hotels In Key West Florida

Beach Villas Hotels In Key West Florida

Beach Villas Key West

Address: 1815 Atlantic Boulevard Key West

The beach villas are situated in a lovely part of the town, which allow for an easy reach to many of the attractions that Key West  is known for.

With laundry facilities, refrigerator  TV, internet all included in the villas you can really make this place home from home and should be checked out.

Best of all for anyone that has struggled with the issues of Parking in Key West, these villas come with parking that is free. Brilliant !

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Silver Palms Inn Key West

Silver Palms Inn

Address: 830 Truman Avenue, Key West

The Silver Palms Inn is situated smack bang in the middle of the Historic Old Town of Key West, so is one of the hotels in Key West Florida which really puts you were you want to be.

Only a short walk, about nine minutes from the Ernest Hemingway Home, and not much more to many of the other attractions you will want to see when vacationing. 

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BLue Marlin Hotel Key West Florida

Blue Marlin Hotel

Address: 1320 Simonton Street, Key West

This is a nice, functional motel just around the corner from the souhernmost marker in Key West, so is tourist heaven. If the idea of seeing Key West, by foot, and not have to do that much walking either, then this motel is one to check out.

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Truman Hotels In Key West Florida

Truman Hotel Key West

Address: 611 Truman Avenue, Key West

The Truman Hotel can, like only a few of the hotels in Key West Florida be described as a bit funky. Every room has an Ipod docking station, fridge, and private balcony or patio, so you never have to leave your room to have a good time.

If you do leave, the hotel is 2.3 miles from Smathers Beach and about a six minute walk to the Ernest Hemingway Home. 35 rooms only.  

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Casa 325

Casa 325

Address: 325 Duval Street, Key West

Casa 325 offers one and two bedroom suites in a wonderful historic Victorian building. The whole property has recently been lovingly restored to the highest standards, in a wonderful tropical theme.

Suites will offer queen-sized beds, kitchenettes with refrigerators, microwaves, wet bar, and ceiling fans. In the centre of the properties a swimming pool can be found surrounded by well maintained gardens.

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La Concha

Crowne Plaza La Concha Key West

Address: 430 Duval Street, Key West

La Concha in Duval Street means fun, nightlife and people watching, and you can’t really do better than staying at one of the most popular hotels in Key West Florida.

This is not only the tallest building in Key West, but it is also pretty much bang in the centre of Duval Street.

Since 1926, La Concha has been one of those places that have attracted luminaries of note Read More.....

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Southernmost Hotel Key West

Southernmost Hotel

Address: 1319 Duval Street, Key West

The Southernmost Hotel, is a 3 star hotel right at the Southernmost tip of Key West, and is quite famous.

As you look for hotels in Key West Florida you may well have seen its image whenever you type in the word Key West.

Found at 1319 Duval Street, the hotel was built in the 1920’s of Gingerbread architecture, the kind of house that looks like it has been made of candy. Read More.....

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Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel

Address: 716 Duval Street, Key West 

The Heartbreak Hotel in Duval Street is a hotel that caters for both straights and gays.

The hotel is small, but cheap with 6 rooms offering basic amenities.

The reviews are mixed to be honest, but if you want to save cash and want no thrills then this could be the place for you.

Certainly if you want to spend more about and about in Key West then you know where can you save it.


Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel

Address: 3841 North Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West

Proudly standing sentinel at the entrance to Key West on Roosevelt Boulevard hotel is the impressive Marriott Resort Florida Keys - Beachside Hotel.

There has literally been no expense spared, and you can see that in the classy way that they have combined great elegance with a distinct Key West Charm. Read More.....

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The Pier House Resort and Caribbean Spa

Address: 1 Duval Street, Key West 

Pier House Resort

The Pier House Resort in Key West is a special place to stay.

Whether you are looking for a romantic package for two, or simply the perfect location to recharge your batteries in the centre of Key West, then the Pier House Resort needs to be checked out.

For than 40 years the Pier House Resort has offered luxury lodging in Key West. Read More.....

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Casa Marina Beach & Resort Club Waldorf Astoria

Address: 1500 Reynolds Street  Key West

Casa marina Key West

The Casa Marina Key West is one of those hotels that is as much a part of Key West history, as Key West is a part of its.

Really if you can splash a bit of a cash and stay in one of the finer hotels in Key West just once in your lifetime, then this one is well worth a look Read More.....

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Address: 118 Fleming Street, Key West

Alexanders Key West

Alexanders in Key West is to be found in an old conch style building which has been lovingly renovated over the years.

This gay owned and run hotel can cater for 17 couples as it has 17 rooms throughout its premises, and has become an extremely popular hotel of choice when staying Key West for both gay men and women.

The rooms here are clean and functional, but compared to some of the other Key West hotels are quite basic. Read More.....

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La Te Da Key West

Address: 1125 Duval Street, Key West

The La Te Da is one of the hotels in Key West Florida Keys that you should try at least once.

A mixture of hotel, cabaret, restaurant, and bar that has been an icon of the party seen since 1978.

Even though this hotel is on Duval Street the busiest and liveliest road in Key West the La Te Da is at the quiet end of the street, which makes it perfect for a boozy, fun evening, but then a good nights sleep. Read More.....

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Santa Maria Suites Key West

Santa Maria Suites Resort

Address: 1401 Simon Street, Key West

The Santa Maria Suites were voted by Forbes Traveler as one of the 12 sexiest hotels, and its not hard to see why.

With 35 room offering total opulence you will think that you have gone to heaven....Key West heaven which I am assured is even better than the real thing.

All of the rooms have state of the art kitchens, plasma screens, wine chillers and best of all private parking. Which in not many of the hotels in Key West Florida offer.

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