Guide To Free Parking Locations Throughout Key West

Free Parking In Key West

Free parking is available in Key West, but you really have to to look hard and hope that you have a huge slice of luck to find it.

Most people who live in or visit Key West will be able to tell you some horror stories about cars being taken to Stock Island, cars being scratched and dented, or at the least driving around for hours desperately trying to remain positive whilst the wife and kids moan all around them.

But I suppose the easiest way to park for free in Key West, is to book yourself into a hotel or motel that offers their guests the free parking that they want.

Of course you will end up paying for the room, but it's the quick and easy option.

So make sure you take a good luck at our guide to the best hotels available in Key West Florida, after you have gone....if you are anything like me for the totally free route.

Join the skinflint club!

So we will most definitely start with getting you to at least think about the option of the “Park N Ride” scheme that the city operate.

Key West Park N Ride Scheme

Key West Park N Ride Scheme

This scheme will save you so much time and effort, and once you are in Key West proper, you probably wouldn't even need a car to get around, as the island is very small anyway.

The service is available at the Old Town Garage, which is based at the corner of Grinnell And Caroline Streets. 

This is perfect, as not only do you of course get very reasonable all day parking for the cost of around $13, but you get total access to unlimited rides on the shuttle that meanders around the streets of Key West.

The areas that the service covers, will include most of the main tourist points and attractions of Key West such as Mallory Square, home of the Sunset Celebration, the Southernmost Marker, and Old Town. 

In fact most of the downtown area is available for you when using this service. 

So not is not strictly free parking, but it certainly is hassle free, which in my mind is often just as good.

For up to date prices and information simply click here to go straight to the the official Park N Ride website for Key West.

Now we do get into the type of parking for nothing information that you're looking for!

Christmas Parking In Key West

Free Parking Over The Christmas Period

If you are coming down to the Southernmost point over the Xmas period, the City has over the last few years been very generous when it comes to offering us parking spaces for free.

From about the 20th of December through to Christmas eve, they have provided free parking and a bus service into the center of Key West.

So you can whizz in to do your shopping and get all your presents.......ok, we all know that you are going to coming in just for the pubs and bars, but we can pretend the image of you is pure Xmas cheer.

So you can park your car for free and get a bus service all for the grand total of “Zilch”.

What more do you want.

Now if you do want to drive your car all the way to Downtown Key West, then all parking for the week before Christmas and Christmas day is classed as no cost parking too.

Of course, if i was being really cynical then I would suggest that this gift of parking your car for free is just a way that the Commission can boost money coming into the community, but I wouldn't dare.

Parking For Nothing In The Streets Around Key West

If you head down to the USS Mohawk Museum, which is located at the intersection of Southard Street and Fort Street, you can find spaces available to park your car for nothing

Parking At USS Mohawk Museum

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Duvall Street Parking:

You can park on US1/Truman Ave right in front of the catholic church and El Rancho motel.

Park on North bound side, you will have to turn around at the strip mall on Simonton Street.

You will be about two to four blocks away from the hub of activity in Duvall Street, depending on what one of the free parking spaces you are able to get.

Duval Street Free Parking

Click Image To Go Straight To Google Maps

Mallory Square and Historic Seaport Boardwalk:

If you go into Truman Avenue and then Simonton Street turn right and drive for about seven and a half blocks you will find a fenced parking lot on the left hand side of the street. 

These aren't officially free parking, but an attendant will take $10 cash for the day, which isn't too bad really whilst further on in Caroline Street you will find another parking lot that charges $16.25 per day cash or credit.

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There is a little bit of free parking available down at Higgs Beach, although you will need to get there early to make sure that you get one for the day.

I wouldn't recommend leaving the car here for more than one day at a time however, without checking with the City Official site.

If you have any insider tips that you know about please, please, please post a comment on the Facebook comment section below so that we can make this the most useful section on Free parking in Key West on the web.

Thanks so much

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