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Key West Camping

Just You, The Outside, Fresh Air.....And A Television...Bliss!

Key West Camping Sites are not going to be where you would really want them to be smack bang in the middle of bustling Key West.

A stones throw from the golden sands of Smathers Beach.

Or Even closer to the wonderful bars and restaurants on Duval Street

No although you might be imagining yourself unzipping your tent, stretching lazily and finding yourself surrounded by tourists snapping away that is not going to happen

Sorry for the bad news but...........

Actually, that image sounds horrendous, so let's show you the best Key West Camping facilities there is, and we will leave it up to you to decide where you fancy staying.

To make it easier we will list them in order of the furthest distance away from the southernmost point i.e. In the midst of what you consider to be Key West.

But first in case you think that you can just bring your huge shiny home from home RV into Key West, and park down in the streets overnight we will begin with some regulations.

Its not all fun, fun, fun, on this site you know!

Key West Camping Regulations

Many times as you have driven your vehicle around the mainland of America, you might have pulled up in a  street or parking lot quietly, drawn your curtains and bedded down for the night.

Unfortunately this will not happen whilst vacationing in the Florida Keys, as parking overnight on residential streets is not allowed.

Nor is parking anywhere on the Overseas Highway, or parking lots, shopping centers, in fact pretty much anywhere after 11:00pm at night.

So with this flexibility reducing your options, when you are planning on doing some Key West camping, or camping anywhere in the Florida Keys make sure you phone ahead a book a site.

You don't want to end up like Mary and Joseph......ok on a huge RV donkey (use your imagination on this image) with nowhere to go not even a stable.

Key West Camping Sites

Sugerloaf Key Campsite

Sugar Loaf Key

This site is about 14 miles outside Key West, so is definately not one that we would generally state as falling within the category of a Key West camping location, but it has enough to warrant a few words.

Having the site on its own beach, there is always things to do in the day, whilst at the night, if you wish to stay on the site then there is a pub with live entertainment.

A grocery story is about a mile away however, but for most people with RV's this shouldnt be a problem.

Worth checking out as an option even though as we said you are more than a few miles away from Key West, and will need to take the bus in and out of town.

Address: 251 State Road 939, Sugarloaf Key

Phone: (305) 745-3549

Boyds Key West Campground

Boyds Campround

Whilst not strictly in Key West, although on the web and even in its brochure it says it is, this Key West Camping site can be found over on Stock Island outside the Key West City Limits.

So should you choose this site for your Key West vacation?

Well many people do and simply leave their vehicle here and catch the bus service into town which is not hard to do, and it certainly has a lot to attract the discerning Key West Camping aficionado.

Just some of the amenities it offers are: A boat Ramp, heated swimming pool, and four bath houses, a small marina

Address: MM 5 Oceanside, 6401 Maloney Avenue, Stock Island

Phone: (305) 294-1465

Leo's Campground And RV Park

Leos Campground

Once again, although listed as Key West this campsite is officially on Stock Island, although it closer than Boyds.

Once again, your best option if you choose to use this site, is either catch the bus or even better ride a bike into town. 

Although if you do choose the later, please remember that although the pull of the bars and clubs in Duval Street might be very appealing, you wont be able to ride you bike back again and not get in trouble with the law.

Amenities: Full RV Set up with sewer, water and electric, barbecues and picnic tables.

If you fancy a harder water pressure than you might be getting in your RV, this Key West Camping site has one bathhouse, and a laundry to make it easier than using your own.

Address: MM 4.5 Oceanside, 5236 Suncrest Road, Stock Island

Phone: (305) 296-5260

El Mar Resort

EL Mar RV Resort

This is a tiny RV site, that doesn't even have a website to refer you to as far as I can see.

There are only 12 sites, and it doesn't have any showers, public restrooms, or pool but certainly reviews indicate that this is of little importance.

Although it does have water view sites, Wifi,Cable TV, Full Sewer hookups, Double Slab concrete pads, and grass and palm trees.

Not far from Boyds Campground, this might be worth checking out if you fancy a small well run site, that hasn't been publicized so isn't as crowded.

Address: 6700 Maloney Avenue, Key West

Phone: (305) 294-0857 ‎

Dry Tortugas - Beyond Key West

Dry Tortugas

About 70 miles off the Key West coast you will find the tourist attractions known as Dry Tortugas.

This is a deserted sea-fort which has now become a national park, and is very popular with day trippers.

The beauty of this camping experience, is that it is extremely limited and rustic (you have to carry everything over there - even water), but the experience is incredible.

Due to the lack of light pollution, the stars seem bigger than I have ever seen before, and the darkness......well darker!

If you do fancy this, you will need to make arrangements to travel across on the Yankee Freedom, with ferries people across from Key West on a daily basis.

Check the following link for more information on this Key West camping experience, which takes planning, effort and endurance, but is nothing short of memorable.

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