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Hurricane Drink

When you order yourself a Hurricane drink whilst on vacation, and you watch in fascination as it gets mixed expertly by the skilled Tom Cruise lookalike behind the bar, do you ever ponder its origins?

Do you wonder how such a delicious and refreshing cocktail ever came into existence?

What was the drive behind finding the perfect mix of fruit, rum and to make the Hurricane drink the worldwide bar phenomenon that it is today?

No of course you don’t.

That would be just lunacy.

Instead like me you simply slurp it down before raising your hand and getting another one delivered as quickly as possible.

But I know that you have located this page to find the best instructions and ingredients to make the drink.....and yes we can provide both of these things, however we thought that whilst you are reading this, I think it will be nice to give you a little background on the history of the Hurricane Drink.

So the next time you are in a bar, not only will you enjoy the drink in front of you, but you will be able to tell your drinking buddies the kind of cocktail making information that will make you look even more sexy in their eyes.

What more can you ask for? 

The History of the Hurricane Drink

I suppose similarly to the Rum Runner cocktail and other delicious cocktails, the Hurricane Drink was born out of adversity.

It was back in New Orleans around 1940, when a local tavern owner by the name of Pat O'Briens was having a little bit of difficulty obtaining his stock of Whisky due to the World War 2 goings on.

It was difficult to get any type of alcohol supply going, but Whisky was particularly scarce.

Well, as we all know in all types of business when demand is greater than the supply, businessman will smell an opportunity to make money.

And boy didn’t they just do that around this time.

And in a funny way if they hadn’t of been out to make a killing then the Hurricane Drink would probably not come into existence.

It has been told that the liquor salesmen operating during the war insisted that bar owners bought up to 50 cases of their surplus stock (which was mainly Rum) in order to obtain a single case of scotch whiskey.

So it's not a surprise that the main ingredients for many of the drinks floating around the Florida Keys to this day is Rum.

They had to get rid of it somehow, so the more creative of the bar owners began experimenting.

Which was exactly what Pat O’Briens did!

This creative bartender in the little bar in New Orleans, started mixing things up in his stockroom, to find something that hopefully fulfilled three aims.

Number One: That would use up his stock of Rum.

Number Two: That wouldn't leave anyone with alcohol poisoning.

Number Three: That was refreshing and a delight to all.

Well having come up with a mixture that he liked the taste of he needed something that would give it a name.

A name that he could use to say to the world "Guys, welcome to a new cocktail...called......the Hurricane Drink. Give it a go!"

And looking around his bar he spied a tall, jaunty glass shaped like a hurricane lamp, and inspiration hit and the cocktail, with the weather themed name was born.

How To Make A Hurricane Cocktail...Learn From The Experts

Although we have provided step by step instructions for the Hurricane drink at the bottom of the page, why not watch the following video to see how other people make this delicious cocktail.

As you will see there are many different ways to knock one up.

One word of warning however is that although these drinks are lovely, sweet and refreshing they don't half pack a punch.

So if you are planning on drinking a few of these as you attempt the Duval Street Crawl then just be careful.

These things although delicious are quite powerful, as you can imagine when you start mixing alcohol into one glass.

So just take it easy when you start on the hurricane drink.

We wouldn't want you ending up with a story similar to the "Hangover" films, now would we!

Yeah. we know you want the Hurricane, but why

not try making these delicious Keys options too?? 

Click through on the images below

The Best Hurricane Recipe Ever

One Fluid Ounce Of Vodka

One Quarter Fluid Ounce Of Grenadine Syrup

One Fluid Ounce Of Gin

One Fluid Ounce Of Light Rum

Half An Ounce of Bacardi® 151 rum

One Fluid Ounce of Amaretto almond liqueur

One Fluid Ounce of Triple Sec

Some Grapefruit juice

Some Pineapple juice

Now take all the juices, and make sure you follow the instructions to the letter, and keep them in sequence, and pour them one after another into the glass.

The hurricane glass should be three-quarters filled with ice before starting your pouring.

Once your glass is full, take the same amount of grapefruit and pineapple juice and throw that in too before serving.

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