Big Rubys Guesthouse On Applerouth Lane Key West

Big Rubys


Big Rubys Guesthouse was a gay friendly hotel on Applerouth Lane in Key West.

Formerly the home of a sea captain, the main guesthouse was New England style clapboard architecture.

This gives it an extremely appealing feel and look, especially when its sits comfortably within the lush exotic garden that surrounds the place.

The tropical foliage must have been planted with stunning love and care, as you would almost feel that the house was put into position around the natural and tropical trees, plants and bushes.

But no it was the other way with the house coming first.

In the centre of Rubys,there is a glorious lagoon pool, shaded by huge palm trees, which provides the perfect place to shed the wears and tears of a day exploring the best that Key West has to offer, before getting ready to go out again as the sun drops and the nightlife down at Duval Street explodes into life.

Before you take the dip, you can even make your way between the tropical vines and use the outdoor rain forest shower to freshen up before and after using the pool.

There is also a large sun yard with treetop walkways overlooking the tropical garden, lagoon pool and wait for it….did I tell you that there is an extremely large Jacuzzi bubbling away too.

What more could you ask for?

Big Rubys

The property although starting as the Captain house, has since been extended over the years, with a further two additional structures joining the house, to now bring its available rooms to seventeen.

The rooms are of varying sizes and décor, with most featuring straight lines, hardwood floors and Simmons Beautyrest mattresses.

Most of the things that you would expect to find in a hotel are present at Big Rubys such as room fridges, fans, robes and beach towels.

So don’t worry filling up half your suitcases with huge towels like my family always seems to do!

All three of the buildings at Big Rubys are able to make use of the clothing optional sun deck, so no excuse to not come back home with an all over tan.

Big Rubys Room

If you are brave enough to whip it all off!!

So what else can we show you, that will get you on a plane down to Big Rubys guesthouse and the fun, lively and somewhat crazy streets of Key West?

Well imagine myself sitting down by the pool devouring the continental breakfast or full cooked breakfast whilst planning your day.

Yes, the breakfast is served poolside which is really a lovely place to start the morning, with the palm trees breaking up the glorious blue skies above you.

Big Rubys also use the same poolside location in the evenings when they serve wine and juice in the early evening as the sun drops down.

Many people pop down to the sunset celebration down at Mallory Square to join the Sunset Celebration and watch the sunset of the waters of Key West, but this is a nice variation to that tradition and gives a different pace of life.

To get to Rubys you have to make your way down a narrow one way lane, which gives it’s a privacy which is fantastic when you think of its prime location on Key West.

In fact the Balconies on the third floor are set amid the trees and the grounds are so lush that the second floor porch does not even allow for a view of the street.

And that my friends is what you want in a Key West hotel.

Set out, enjoy the madness and then retreat to a place where you can be sure of getting some shut eye.

If you want to park you car like most Key West locations you will find it limited.

So the best thing that they can do at the hotel is to make it a first come first served facility.

This seems fair to me!

Address: 409 Applerouth Lane, Key West, Florida Keys

Phone: (305) 296-2323 ‎ 


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