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Islamorada Attractions

The beauty of the Islamorada attractions that you can visit and enjoy whilst vacationing in the Florida Keys, is for many of them you will find that you are not spending a penny.

Or at least they are quite cheap to enjoy.

Although the island is renowned as the Sport fishing capital of the world, and with Presidents, dignitaries, and Hollywood A List celebrities all arriving with rod in hand, you may think that it was a one trick place.

But that certainly isn't the case and even if you hate the thought of fishing, and bobbing around the waters of the Florida Keys in a boat or two, the following list of Islamorada attractions can give you a great alternative.

So check out the list below, and I guarantee you that although some might just be quick things to do to kill a few minutes, such as the Hurricane Monument or the Pioneer Cemetery, you can join them up and have a great day out.

And that is what the Islamorada attractions should give you.

The ability to tailor your day, and your wallet in any way you wish.

And not travel too far in the process either.

Islamorada Attractions - History Of Diving Museum

Islamorada Attractions History Of Diving Museum

The thought of going into a place called the History Of Diving Museum was something that for years didn't appeal to me in the slightest.

It was only when I started building this website, and knew that I was going to have to write about what was in the place did I enter through its doors. And I honestly was really surprised to say the least.

Islamorada attractions like this, should shout out louder and promote themselves, as once you are inside you are transported though the years of diving, from the earliest diving techniques where people just held their breath, right to the deep sea stuff.

And there is so much of it that is hands on and most importantly fun to get involved with.

My kids loved it, and so did I....I have been telling people about it ever since. 

Read more about the History Of Diving Museum here

Islamorada Attractions - The Theatre Of The Sea

Islamorada Attractions Theatre Of The Sea

Not many of the Islamorada attractions, or I suppose things to do across the whole of the Florida Keys, will take you anywhere near a whole day to visit.

The Theatre of the Sea is one that definitely to do it justice needs time to enjoy what it has to offer.

You will be able to get into the water and swim around with Flipper and his mates, and even get in with stingrays if you would prefer.

Add that to shows, lectures, and other stuff its not surprising that the Theatre Of The Sea remains such a popular thing to do in Islamorada.

This is not a cheap day out but definitely is one that you should hold back a little cash for if you can.

Read more about the Theatre Of The Sea here

Islamorada Attractions - Library Beach

Islamorada Attractions Library Beach

This isn't much of a beach, more like a strip of sand close by to some water.

But for the little ones that like to splash around in some nice warm, and most importantly almost tidal free waters, then you can have a good afternoon here.

Find the place, snorkel around in the waters, and then have a picnic before leaving for home in the evening.

Islamorada attractions like this are sometimes overlooked, but you can have a nice time for next to nothing.

Even the parking is free.

Read more about Islamorada Library Beach

Islamorada Attractions - Pioneer Cemetery

Islamorada Attractions Pioneer Cemetery

I like the Pioneer Cemetery for no other reason than I am extremely interested in the history of the Florida Keys.

You see once you step through the gate and into the cemetery you will find the resting places of the founding fathers (and mothers) of Islamorada.

There isn't a great deal here, but you can combine it with the Hurricane Monument that isn't too far away, and I suppose Anne's Beach which isn't far either.

Read more about the Pioneer Cemetery at Cheecha Lodge here

Islamorada Attractions - Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological Park

Islamorada Attractions Windley Key

This is worth mentioning due to its historical importance, but not much more than that.

If you believe that the Florida Keys starts and finishes at the bottom of an empty Rum Runner Cocktail glass then this wouldn't be the place for you.

If you are interested in geology and the formation of rocks however then that is a totally different matter and feel free to visit.

I wasn't that fussed about the place, but my travelling partners were fascinated.

I'll meet you in the Green Parrot in Duval Street!

Read more about Windley Key Fossil Reef Park here

Islamorada Attractions - Indian Key State Historic Site

Islamorada Attractions Indian Key

To get over to the Indian Key State Historic Site, you have two choices.

Number one, simply book yourself a place on one of the tours that leave from Robbie's Marina every day, or hire a kayak and power your way over there yourself.

This island takes about forty minutes to get to if you decide to hire a kayak, so its not the hardest paddle, and is great fun.

Once you are on Indian Key, this is one of those Islamorada attractions that have a bit of most things.

Nature, History, Fishing, and even a small beach.

It's one of my favourite of all the Islamorada attractions that you can find on this page, and I have been over there four or five times. Love it!

Read more about Indian Key Historic State Park here

Islamorada Attractions - Annes Beach

Islamorada Attractions Annes Beach

This is without doubt the best beach in Islamorada, and should definitely be one of the things that you go to if you can.

Named after a local conservationist Anne Eaton, who loved the area and did so much to keep it the way it is today, the beach is a draw for dog lovers, nature lovers, and folk who like a great natural beach.

Attractions and things to do in Islamorada, are generally not the kind of places that promise you the world and then don't deliver.

And this beach is exactly the same.

Its not flash, and pretentious with folk prancing around with gorgeous bodies, its just a beach that is a nice place to go.

End of story.

Read more about Annes Beach in Islamorada here  

Islamorada Attractions - Hurricane Monument

Islamorada Attractions - Hurricane Monument

The Hurricane Monument signifies the enormous waste of human life that nature can befall us when it gets a bit stroppy.

And this is certainly the case in regards to this monument remembering all those that died in the big blow of 1935.

This is one of those quick stops and then reflect on the unnecessary loss of 400 lives, that were taken from us due to the storm kind of places.

You wont spend a lot of time there, but not only will you get a moment to reflect on such a terrible tragedy, you will also get fantastic views across the water.

You can pop over to the Pioneer Cemetery whilst you are there too.

Read more about the Hurricane Monument here

Holiday Isle Dive Shop

Islamorada Attractions Holiday Isle Dive Shop

The Holiday Isle Dive Shop is the number one diving shop on the island, and on Trip Advisor is normally sitting within the Top Ten of places to visit whilst you are here

And hey, who are we to go against the mighty "Trip Advisor"

But in all honesty it’s not hard to see why it ranks so highly, such is the experience and focus on making your diving trip the best it can possibly be.

Read more on the Holiday Isle Dive Shop here

Islamorada Attractions - Robbie's Marina

Islamorada Attractions Robbies Marina

Robbie's is an Islamorada classic, and has to be visited whilst you are in the area, or you will have to dodge questions when you return like... 

"What!! Why didn't you go to Robbie's then!"

So make it easy on yourself, and go there around lunchtime, so you can grab a bucket of fish food and attempt to feed the huge Tarpon that gather around the waters edge day after day.

These things are huge and will fly out of the water to get the food sometimes.

Once you have done that you can either get yourself on one of the boats that go out to Indian Key Historic State Park, which we talked about further up the page, or visit the little restaurant for a bit of lunch yourself.

The name of the restaurant.....The Hungry Tarpon. What else??

Read more on Robbie's Marina in Islamorada here

At the moment this is as good as we have on the best things to do in Islamorada, but don't worry, as we will be adding more to this page as soon as we can.

And that is the beauty of the Florida Keys, there are so many wonderful things and place to explore and saviour, it could take a lifetime to get around.

Well I guess I am going to be busy then!

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