Bud N Marys Marina
Islamorada, Florida Keys

A Great Days Fishing At Bud N Marys

Let’s start with the simple facts.

Bud N Marys is a fisherman’s idea of fishy heaven.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know one end of your rod to the other, you will at Bud N Marys find experience matched with helpfulness wherever you turn.

Located smack bang in the middle of the Florida Keys at Islamorada, the marina is the home of over forty of the greatest offshore captains and backwater guides you will find anywhere on Earth.

Many of them have grown up on the Florida Keys waters, and from young children have known the delights (and difficulties) that can make or break your day out fishing for our World Class Fish.

Now, you might be thinking how we can make that grand statement!

How can we say that Florida Keys Fishing is World Class?

Well did we tell you that more of the largest catches ever recorded have been pulled from the waters around Islamorada than anywhere else you care to mention?

We didn’t tell you that?

No we didn’t, we don’t like to brag, but it's all to do with the way the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico all surround our islands. 

Bud N Marys In Islamorada

Try us out and you’ll discover that you could well be bringing in a huge Tarpon Hogfish or Sailfish, that will give you a story to tell until you are old and grey.

And if you are already old and grey, then you can have a little excitement why you still have time left!

Only joking!

Charters can be hired for the fisherman who likes a solitary fishing experience, or for couples through to large corporate groups.

Whatever you want you to give yourself a great fishing day you will find it at this classic marina.

The last time that we went out we hired the Man O War, a 46 foot customer built Sports fishing machine, captained by Captain Carlos.

Captain Carlos has been covering the waters of Islamorada for many years, since 1978 and has no fear going over 35 miles past the Hump and Giant freighters to make sure that the boat returns as full of fish, as the empty beer bottles that we consumed that day.

From day one of our trip in April the weather was perfect, so we at first went round the Lighthouse looking for Yellow Tail and Mutin Snapper and Captain Carlos was spot on, as 15 fish was caught within 2 hours of setting out.

Then in the afternoon we set off after the Tarpon, and by that evening had released several tarpon over 100lb, the biggest fish estimated at 150lb+.

The whole day was back breaking work but great fun, and it was certainly the biggest haul of fish that we have ever had.

For anyone with the slightest of interest in Sports fishing, we certainly recommend a visit to Bud N Marys


MM 79.8 Oceanside, Islamorada

(305)664-2461 or (800) 742-7945

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