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Key Largo Bars

Key Largo Bars are not the easiest things to find.

I know as I have spent  more time looking for these illusive things, than anywhere else in the Florida Keys.

Go to Key West and you can't step three yards either way without bumping into a crowd of eager, slightly inebriated revellers.

But here in the Diving Capital of the World, you will definitely need our guide, as the majority of the bars are linked to restaurants and hotels.

But don't let that put you off, as the Key Largo Bars that we have listed below will certainly tick your beer loving, cocktail swigging boxes.

And certainly in my case I can't think of somewhere better that offers a few drinkies, and the opportunity to book a room to sleep it off afterwards.

So rest assured that all of the bars below, although not being traditional in the normal sense of going out for a drink, will have you experiencing the Florida Keys like the locals.

And who knows you might just make a few friends in the process too.

Our Guide To The Best Key Largo Bars

Alabama Jacks

Alabama Jacks Key Largo Bars

Right on the side off Card Sound Road in Key Largo, Alabama Jacks is a bit of a classic.

This is honest to god Key Largo eating and drinking as it should be.

It has no air conditioning, it has plastic chairs, and it has an amazing charm that always brings people back again again. Its been around for over 50 years, so they must know what they are doing.

Don't be put off by the look of the outside, as although you might see bikes lined up, it isn't a bikers place, but just a Key Largo bar that should be visited by all.

Address: 1500 Card Sound Rd, Key Largo, FL, 33037

Phone: (305) 248 8741

Read more about this iconic Key Largo establishment. 

The Buzzards Roost

Buzzards Roost Key Largo Bars

The Buzzards Roost has a good range of things going on thanks to its restaurant, tiki bar, and live events each Friday.

With amazing happy hour specials, where you can get a margarita for something like $2.75, and the happy hour goes on for three hours....yeah go figure, you cant go wrong at the Buzzards Roost.

Address: 21 Garden Cove Drive, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 453 3746

And make sure you read more on our detailed page dedicated to the Buzzards Roost

Sharkeys Pub & Galley

Sharkeys Pub & Galley Key Largo Bars

Sharkeys Pub & Galley is like many Key largo Bars, due to its location right on the waters edge.

If you fancy coming to this one, then follow the signs to the Marina Del Mar which is around MM 100 on the Overseas Highway.

The pub is set on two levels, with the restaurant bit upstairs. So if you just want a drink you will be on the lower level, enjoying a good selection of beers, a game of darts and a a nice bit of banter with the locals.

Address: 522 Caribbean Drive, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 453 0999

Caribbean Club

Caribbean Club Key Largo Bars

If you like the magic of the silver screen, and the name Key Largo conjures up images of Bogart and Bacall to you, then Key West Bars like the Caribbean club will be right up your street. 

This place is filled with memorabilia from the 1948 movie Key Largo, starring the aforementioned Hollywood greats.

Great drinks, great entertainment and even greater sunsets makes the Caribbean Club a favourite with locals and tourists alike. 

Address: MM 104.5 Bayside, Key Largo 

Phone: (305) 451 9970

Breezers Tiki Bar

Breezers Tiki Bar Key Largo

If you are fortunate to have booked a room at the Marriot Key Largo Bay Beach resort, you will have no doubt looked up Breezers Tiki Bar, and saw the goings on.

The bar sits up high under a gazebo, so you can sit in this Key Largo Bars secluded position whilst the most wonderful Key Largo view spreads out below you.  

It is pretty darn good during the day, but at night when the live island music starts on Friday and Saturday, and the stars come out it is magical.

Don't worry if you haven't got a room at the resort you can still visit the Tiki Bar.

Address: MM 103.8 Bayside, Key largo

Phone: (305) 453 0000

Coconuts Restaurant & Night Club 

Coconuts in Key Largo

Fancy a boogie?

Well you can't go wrong with Coconuts Restaurant and Night Club. 

With a different theme to the evening entertainment, simply choose the music you want to get down and sweaty too and turn up. 

Mon is Disco, Tues is Blues, Wed is the firm favourite ladies night with free drinks to all ladies from 9:00pm to 11:00pm, live bands entertain for the rest of the week, until Karaoke brings the revelry to an end on Sunday. 

You can drink, eat or dance at Coconuts  which is not an option at many of the Key Largo Bars.

Address: MM 100 Oceanside, 528 Caribbean Drive, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 453 9794 

Señor Frijoles

Señor Frijoles In Key Largo

Señor Frijoles has the unusual option, at least it is unusual until you start visiting some other Key Largo bars, of being able to visit by boat.

Moor outside the restaurant, and then pop in for a quick drink or too.

Of course whilst you are here, it would be amiss to not start munching on some tasty enchiladas or tacos, which Señor Frijoles have built their name around.

Like Sundowners which is mentioned next, this place has a fantastic location for watching the 4th Of July Fireworks displays that occur each year.

Address: Señor Frijoles, 103900 Overseas Highway Mile Marker 103.9, Bayside Key Largo, Fla. 33037

Phone: (305) 451 1592

Read more on this Mexican restaurant come bar in Key Largo

Sundowners On The Bay

Sundowners On The Bay Key Largo

Sundowners on the Bay is next door to Senor Frijoles, and has amazing views of Blackwater Sound in Key Largo.

With a name like that you can be sure that you will be in a prime spot to raise a beer or two, whilst natures greatest display occurs in front of you, as well as being in a brilliant position for seeing the fireworks each year too.

The large dining area is separate from the bar, so you don't feel that you are causing any problems by just having a drink.

Although I'm sure that nothing would be said anyway if you did.

Address: 103900 B.Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037

Phone: (305) 451 4502

More detailed information on this Key Largo Bar can read here

Pilot House

Pilot House In Key Largo

The Pilot House is one of those Key Largo Bars, that has more than you would expect to see in a Bar.

Firstly you can come by boat, with over 55 slips available to rent.

Secondly it has a glass bottomed bar, so you can sit and watch the fish swim under you, and even a manatee or two.

Thirdly, the food and drink is of a very high standard.

The kids will love this place, as so will the adults too.

Fun for all the family

Address: MM 99.5 Oceanside, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451 3142

Snappers Key Largo

Snappers Key Largo

Snappers oozes Florida Keys atmosphere from every pore. From sitting outside o the waterside decking, to the live entertainment that burst out every evening, the place is what key largo bars should all be about.

Great fun and joyfullness.

And this is evident on the last Sunday of the month, when a turtle party is thrown for the whole day on a specific theme. Games, drinks, food and giveaways will all be based around the theme too.

Address: MM 94.5 Oceanside, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 852-5956

Calypsos Seafood Grille Key Largo

Calypsos Key Largo Bar

Key Largo Bars should be outside if they can get away with it, and this place does, and thank god too. 

It is unpretentious  Florida Keys cooking at its best, and of course has a full alcohol licence which is what you are looking for after all.

So although they don't have a massive selection of booze, I have always found it enough choice.

 "Yes, we know the music is loud and the food is spicy. That's the way we like it!" the sign proclaims, and we like it too.

Address: 1 Seagate Boulevard, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 451 0600

Cactus Jacks

Cactus Jacks Key Largo

If you have been to Sundowners and Senor Frijoles and still aren't ready to hit the sack yet, then Cactus Jacks will be one of the Key Largo Bars that are ready to take you through to the early hours.

Opening at 4:00pm and closing at 2:00am, and with a menu of wings, sliders, burgers, chicken sandwiches, chipotle shrimp, and bacon wrapped jalapeños all served until closing time, this is a great little pub to go to.

Wash it down with some nice beers, grab a taxi, and then head off to bed. What could be a better evening?

Address: 103900 Overseas Highway, Key Largo

Phone: (305) 453 0249

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